Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How do I get my hair to look like it does after going to the salon?

This is a SUPER common question, and I always have the same answer: Product and Practice.

My pet peeve is when my clients say "I went home and tried that technique you showed me, but it didn't work!" when I know you are not using the right products. I am not a magician, and granted I am knowledgeable in this industry, but I don't have super powers. I went to school for 2000 hours (2 years) and spent a lot of time learning about the structure of hair and the chemical reactions and processes that hair goes through. I also study ingredients. I study what ingredients do what, and what fillers and things you should look for and (watch out for) in your skin and hair products. It makes a difference. I use high end products myself, and that is because I understand, know and trust them. My point is, don't be surprised that your hair doesn't look as good when I am using a $25 heat protecting lotion and a $19 mousse, while we both know you are using Garnier Fructis and Suave at home.

Practice makes perfect! I did not start school knowing how to do a great round-brush blow dry. I had to work really hard and practice A LOT (for two years!) to get it right. So get onto youtube and look up "How to Round Brush your own Hair". You can find tutorials for all different textures and lengths. Then practice, fail, practice, give up (temporarily), check facebook and practice some more. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is the ability to do a killer beach wave!

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  1. Not everyone's hair is the same, it's so important to treat your hair accordingly and not to copy someone with a different hair type!


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