Thursday, March 22, 2018

REVIEW: Monat Rejuvenique Oil

Packaging - 3 (average)
Scent - 5 (excellent)
Moisture - 4 (very good)
Weight - 2 (not very good)
Longevity - 2 (not very good)

I was definitely disappointed by this product. This is one of Monat's highest dollar items, ringing in at $99! I expected a silky serum that gave me long lasting hydration and quick absorption. This is what I got instead.

Let's start with the packaging. I LOVE the way Monat packages everything, and this one is no different. It looks beautiful, luxurious and high end. It's also made with quality materials and is sturdy! So why didn't it get a 5 you ask? Functionality. That is SO MUCH more important than looks. I struggled to get any oil in my dropper. It didn't seem to matter if I pressed the lid once or ten times. I tried taking it out first, sealing it tighter, all kinds of things. When I asked some local Monat Reps about it, and tried a few of their bottles, I had the same results and they said it's because you don't need very much. I HATE when people explain away faulty products and packaging like it's on purpose. Because you definitely need more than what I could get and I had to tip it over and pour it onto my hand, which was messy and definitely meant waste.

It did smell amazing. All of Monat's products smell incredible. It was also hydrating but I didn't feel like it was long lasting moisture. In fact I didn't feel like it's effects even lasted the whole day.

This oil is SO HEAVY. It is thick and slimy and heavy. It weighted my hair down a lot. It has high quality ingredients, but it is to heavy for my hair and skin. I use a lot of facial oil because my skin is so dry that it flakes and peels. This one made me break out, and it made my face feel greasy and coated. It was not good. My hair also felt like there was a coating on it, which I wasn't a fan of. And because this product is so thick and gooey you kind of have to use a lot. It works a little better on damp hair because the water breaks it up a little, but it doesn't work well on it's own. It made my hair feel to heavy and greasy and i had to use a lot of it.

HOWEVER - I think this product would be AMAZING for those with African or Latin hari that is very coarse, dry and textured. That hair type is more porous and has a hard time keeping in moisture. I think this oil would be amazing for them.

If you'd like to purchase this oil or learn more about Monat click here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

REVIEW: Redken Velvet Gelatine 07

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 3 (average)
Hydration - 4 (very good)
Texture - 5 (excellent)
Weight - 5 (excellent)
Longevity - 5 (excellent)
Heat Protection - 4 (very good)
Shine - 4 (very good)

I am obsessed with this product! It is a "cushioning blow dry gel". It has a small amount of heat protectant in it to prevent blow dryer damage. It also smooths the hair, adds volume, and conditions ends. It gives the hair a pillowy and soft effect. It doesn't really smell like anything, it hydrates the hair but not as well as a leave in conditioner. It adds volume and texture definition, but keeps things soft and light. It is extremely light weight, and a little goes a very long way! It adds some shine, but not an ton, and it doesn't give a greasy effect which is great!  It basically leaves you with a light, soft, pillowy effect that looks and feels natural and not full of product. It's great for those with fine hair and oily hair. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

REVIEW: Kenra Boosting Spray Foam

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 6 (unbelievable)
Hold - 4 (very good)
Volume - 4 (very good)
Longevity - 5 (excellent)

I am a little obsessed with this one! Best Foam Spray EVER! Not only is Kenra's packaging sleek, professional, and sexy but the scent of this product is to die for! It smells light and fresh, not overpowering at all. It holds pretty well, although my hair (when done around 8 am) seems to go flat around 4-5pm, but that's  FIVE hours of hold people! It gives a lot of volume (not jersey volume, but a lot of volume!), and you don't have to use very much so when you buy it, it lasts a long time. I definitely recommend this product!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

REVIEW: Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want It All 22 in 1 leave in conditioner

Packaging - 4 (average)
Scent - 3 (average)
Longevity - 5 (excellent)
Hydration - 5 (excellent)
Shine - 5 (excellent)
Weight - 5 (excellent)

I'm seriously in love. The packaging is a little on the average side, not as clean or professional as I'd like. The scent got a 3 because it has a kind of soapy smell. It's not bad and it's not strong, but it's not great either. Once I had the product in my hair you couldn't smell anything.

A little went a very long way (which I always like) plus it comes in an presurized aerosol-like spray can, which means it is easier to disperse! Often these kinds of creams you put in your hands and you get a lot in one spot and not enough anywhere else, but that is not an issue with this. It hydrated my hair (and my sisters) and added shine without making it look greasy. It was super lightweight I couldn't feel it in the hair at all! Overall I love this product and definitely recommend it.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Is there wax in my conditioner?

After posting my article The TRUTH about Sulfates, I got this questions a lot. In that post I went over how harsh sulfates work to harm your hair in depth. I briefly mentioned how a lot of companies include heavy waxes and silicone in their conditioner to create the illusion that your hair is healthy when it is not. But just like sulfates, wax doesn't always read as "wax". So how is one to know whether or not these ingredients are in their hair care?

You guys, the internet is such a powerful tool! Google the ingredients on the back of your bottle. Eventually you will start to learn what key words and ingredients you need to look out for, and many of them will seem familiar to you and you will get a feel for ingredients that are okay and some that are good. Any you don't know google, or bing, or ask or whatever search engine you use, USE IT! 

However for the sake of this article I will post some ingredients that are just wax or silicone in disguise. A lot of these are found in conditioners at Walmart and even in high end brands! Remember that just because it's a salon brand doesn't mean it has top notch ingredients. I also added a few ingredients that while they aren't specifically wax or silicone, are commonly in conditioner and not great for your hair. 
  • Dimethacone
  • Polydimethylsiloxane
  • Cyclomethicone
  • Methylchloroisothiazolinone
  • Acrylates
  • Copolymers
  • Methylisothiazolinone
  • Paraffin Waxes
  • Soduim Chloride (salt)
  • Phenoxyethanol

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DIY Shredded Chicken in an InstantPot

I love shredded chicken, and chicken itself is actually pretty good for you. Shredded chicken tastes great on salads, in sandwiches, in soups, on avocado toast, and more! It's a kitchen staple. But there is a serious problem with Shredded Chicken. Preparation.

One option for your shredded chicken is to use something canned... doesn't sound great does it? Canned shredded chicken often comes with a lot of preservatives as well as sodium and is devoid of a lot of it's nutritional value. Another go-to I used to use was buying a rotisserie chicken and shredding that myself. But unfortunately rotisserie chickens are usually full of fat and butter, which is what keeps them so moist. After refrigeration you can often feel the coating on the chicken that is not so pleasant, and it still takes time. Plus I have never been a big fan of the process of shredding  a rotisserie chicken. 

The last method that I used to opt for was a slow cooker. You could throw in some chicken with some broth and seasoning, leave it on high for 5 hours and voila! You can  easily shred that chicken! But FIVE HOUR!? Who has the time? Plus chicken broth is usually full of sodium and preservatives! ugh! I wanted something that wasn't time consuming and that was HEALTHY. I finally found it! 

I got an instant pot, you guys, this is the best invention ever. These bad boys replace your rice cooker, slow cooker, bread maker and they are a pressure cooker. Making your own shredded chicken in the instant pot takes almost no time at all and is so fast! 

2 whole thawed chickn breasts
1 cup of water
1 Tbsp seasoning (optional)

1- Place all of these ingredients in the Instantpot. If you are using seasoning mix a little. 
2- Set it onto the pressure cooker on high and cook for 20 minutes. 
3- After cooking release the pressure. 
4- Remove the chicken and shred. 

Some tips for this recipe. You CAN use chicken broth if you want instead of water. There will be water left in the pot after cooking, this is normal, just remove the chicken and shred.

As far as adjusting for larger quantities, the water and seasoning work for up to 4 chicken breasts, but I would double them once you hit 5, or if your 4 are particularly large. I have put up to 3 Tbsp of seasoning with my two breasts before, and I just got a pretty strong flavor. It's all about how strong you want that flavor to be and how moist you want your chicken. Adjust to your needs and preferences. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

REVIEW: Benefit Porefessional Primer

Packaging - 2 (not very good)
Longevity - 4 (very good)
Porelessness - 6 (incredible)
Priming - 4 (very good)

This product is a true classic. Let me break down my ratings for you. I am not a fan of the packaging. Benefit's packaging is hit and miss for me because when I spend a lot of money on my cosmetics I want them to look expensive. Their packaging is often fun but still high end looking, while others look cheap. This to me looks cheap.

While the product isn't like "omg, I hardly have to use any!" a little goes a fairly long way and you won't have to repurchase over and over again. It definitely helps your foundation you to last longer too.

But the real star of the show is it's poreless effect. I have used this primer on women with acne scarring and pock marks and their skin looks smooth as can be! It's truly the cream of the crop when it comes to filling in fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing skin imperfections.