Saturday, November 24, 2018

REVIEW: Focallure Beauty Babe Box

Packaging - 3 (average)
Quality of Items - 2 (not good)
Value - 2 (not good)

I have tried a lot of subscription boxes and I am just not a fan of this one. It's hard to review a subscription box honestly. I am going to just break down each item I got and my thoughts and feeling on the box as a whole.

The whole point of these boxes is to try new and fun things, and to get a really good deal. So for example with Ipsy you pay $10 a month, but you get 5-6 times that are mostly travel sized (once in a while you get a full item) and the value fluctuates from $40-$80. With Boxy Charm you pay $24 a month and you get 5-6 full sized items that are all guaranteed to be high end or indie brands. Your box will always be of a value of no less than $125. So I just wanted to break down what I got and paid for with the Focallure Beauty Babe Box to compare them.

This box is $29 a month. So it is the most expensive subscription beauty box I have gotten thus far. I did get the Beauty Con Box for a while, but it's very different since it's seasonal (4 times a year) as opposed to monthly. It was also only 5-6 full sized items like Boxy Charm. So I am mostly going to compare them to that. In my Boxy Charms some of the things I have gotten included $44 Cover FX Setting Sprays, $35 Moda Makeup Brush Sets, $42 Tarte Eye Shadow Palettes, $39 Becca Pressed Highlighter and more. The box I got from Babe Box just didn't measure up.

I did get 5 items. But they weren't high end. I got a 3 piece liquid lipstick trio from Focallure Beauty. These liquid lipsticks are a decent quality, but the colors were all pretty light pink. These are valued at $11 each and $33 retail price. Not bad right? I also got a SUPER cheap and awful "jelly highlighter" that was bright purple and full of a chunky glitter. I haven't been able to find the brand or product online anywhere, but it's honestly dollar tree quality.I also got a 4 piece brush set. These makeup brushes were a pink, purple and blue ombre bristle set with swirly mermaid-esque handles. They were completely brandless and the bristles were definitely 100% synthetic. It was definitely something I would expect to pick up in a discount bin at a kids novelty store. Not a high end item.  The last item I got was a calming face sheet mask from Tony Moly. I use the I'm Real masks from them all the time and was happy to see this item in the box, but it is one that retails for under $4.

So that was it. I was told there would be 5-6 items, maybe they figured four was fine for this one since there was a brush set and a liquid lipstick set. But to me, three middle ground lipsticks, a cheap sheet mask and 2 dollar store beauty items are not worth $29 at all. I would never subscribe to this box again. I highly recommend against it.


  1. Interesting. I have just subscribed to this box and as the first one is free (excluding shipping) im not too overly fussed but i appreciate your review and will wait patiently for the first box to come before deciding whether or not to keep this subscription going. Your review has helped hugely I will however to remain fair to them wait to see what comes :) Thanks so much for your help again!

    1. I am interested to see what you think! Report back! I ended up getting three boxes and they were all a disappointment to me.


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