Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why did you join Mary Kay?

When I first heard about Mary Kay I was 17, and you have to be 18 to be a consultant. I was semi-interested in perusing it but I wasn't %100 sold. I kind of left it on the shelf for a while. Then I got married and quit my job to focus on school. I have been employed since I was 12! I hated not working and generating income! It was killing me! Then my friend invited me a MK party. I went and fell in love all over again! Mary Kay offers high end products to people at middle ground pricing (so it's more expensive than the stuff you buy at WalMart but cheaper than a department store).

But I am a skeptical girl and I was worried that I would be standing behind a product that wasn't one hundred percent up to standards. I did a lot of research on what goes into all of those products before I signed up. As a cosmetologist I learn in school all about the different chemicals and treatments that are good and bad for your skin. Mary Kay uses top-notch products with certain patented techniques for maximizing the quality of their products.

So aside from having amazing products and being a way for me to generate income these are the reasons I choose to join Mary Kay.

1- I get to be my own boss. No deadlines, no quotas, no hours per day on the job, unless I say so. This means I get to schedule vacations and take time off when I need to!

2- The friends! I love my team members and associates in the Utah Valley Area! I don't know what I would do without them!

3- The training program shows all Mary Kay consultants and clients that the company really cares about their product and brand integrity. They want all of us to be successful and they show it by giving us top-notch training and education.

4- The prizes and recognition! How many of you have a job that every single week everyone gets together and they clap and cheer for you? How many of you have a job that when you reach a goal on your own time they will give you a FREE car, then pay for the license, registration and %80 of your car insurance? In Mary Kay we get both of those things as well as diamonds, ipads, bags, jewelry, and all kinds of fun luxurious gifts! I love the recognition we receive for all of our hard work!

5- The fail-proof guarantees! In Mary Kay their were all kinds of worries for me! My first was before I became a consultant, that was "What if I buy this and it doesn't work!?" Well MK has a %100 guarantee on all of their products and the consultant doesn't loose their commission or their sales gain from that product. The company refunds the product %100! This way you know that the consultant isn't going to try to trick or cheat you out of a guarantee.

My second worry was "what if I buy all of this inventory to sell, and I can't sell any of it!?" Mary Kay will buy back all of your inventory at %90 of the cost. This made me feel so secure in joining this company! If I fail, then I am out a hundred dollars! Who can say they tried to start a company on their own and was only out $100 by the end of it!?

Those are the top reasons I joined Mary Kay! If you'd like to learn more about the products or the company feel free to call me personally Angela Woodward at (801)960-7914


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