Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Mary Kay Products do you not Recommend?

I have had this question a couple of times and I have answered it to the individual people who have asked instead of on the blog. I guess I felt like if I said anything bad about Mary Kay it would make me an awful beauty consultant. Somewhere in my mind I have even felt like there would be some sort of Mary Kay Secret Service that would find out what I had said and kick me out! A little irrational maybe, but it's better safe than sorry! Then I realized that as a reader, follower or client I am more inclined to trust someone who can give me the good, the bad, and the ugly truth. All of it. So I am doing that today. I will give you my least favorite Mary Kay products that I don't use or recommend to people.

1- Medium Coverage Foundation
I just feel like their liquid foundation has a lot less coverage than most liquid foundations do already. But I love their liquid foundation! It's light and if you use it with the miracle set it's phenomenal! Where the medium coverage foundation, it feels like moisturizer to me. I don't like it at all!

2- Mary Kay Fragrances
I suppose this is personal opinion, I just don't like the scents. They are all heavy and powdery to me, and they smell like old lady. I do love most of the scents at Victoria Secret however, so I suppose if you think those smell to "young and fruity" that you might like these.

3- Satin Lips Set
I might really get in trouble for this one, considering that Satin Lips is one of Mary Kay's best selling products, but I am not a fan! The satin lips set comes with two little 3 oz tubes (one with a mask and one with a balm) to make your lips silky smooth! It's $18, which seems like a lot for a glorified chapstick. Plus they also have Satin Hands sets! These smell like peach (yum!) it's a 3 step process and you get about x10 the amount of product for $34. And if you use the defoliator and the hand cream on your lips (just a tiny baby amount!) you get the same results. In fact I think it works better!

***Thanks to Chelsea Taylor, LaurenLovesLions, and Felicia for asking me this question!***

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