Monday, November 6, 2017

What's up with that color changing hair from the viral video?

I have had a couple of these questions come in as many videos have begun to circulate again now that the product has actually released. First I want to thanks my loyal readers for sticking with me. I go through periods of craziness in my life where I don't post as often as I should. It's been a few weeks since you've head from me as I have transitioned to a new salon (as well as done some holiday prep and helped my childhood best friend move over to the state I live in) and I appreciate your patience for new content as I deal with all of the craziness that comes with that kind of change!

So now I will address these videos. Let me just answer the questions I keep getting in my inbox.

Is it real? Yes it totally is!

What is it? It is a product called Vivids Mood Color from Pravana. They are a well known brand that makes great vivid fashion hair color along with amazing professional hair care products and a full classic color line for stylists.

How does it work?  So basically it is a direct dye put on your prelightened hair. It has a base color and a "mood color". The mood color will come out when the hair comes in contact with heat. This CAN work on a hot summer day outside, but only on a very hot summer day with prolonged sun exposure. It mostly works with hot tools and hair dryers.

How long does it last? So the actual color changing aspect lasts for only one wash. I know it is a bummer. The technology lies in a color coating, so you can definitely feel the product on your hair. It is not a long effect and will literally be gone withing 48 hour or after one shampoo.

Anything else I should know? I have never used this myself, but have many stylist friends who have. It is fun for parties and festivals but you can totally feel the product in your hair, o to me it is not practical for every day or regular use.  Regardless I think it is incredible what kind of things science can do! This is an incredible innovation in the hair color industry and I am excited to see what is next! Hopefully this leads to longer lasting color changing products that don't leave your hair feeling sticky!


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-Angela ♥