Friday, November 2, 2018

REVIEW: Cureology

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 5 (excellent)
Process - 4 (very good)
Acne Fighting - 5 (excellent)
Skin Care - 5 (excellent)

I have had A LOT of you ask me about some of these new personalized skin and hair care companies and I am going to begin reviewing a bunch of them. This is the first. My skin is... well it's a hot mess. I review things as a job, so I am constantly switching brands and lines. Plus I wind up using products with questionable ingredients all the time. I have some acne scarring, but I also have pretty bad adult acne on top of that on my jawline specifically. Some things work temporarily, some things help. But rarely do I find things that fix it. My skin is super dry, so most acne treatments had a lot of direct acids and alcohols that dry out the skin to suffocate the acne. But then I end up with irritated dry and flaky skin. Anything super hydrating gives me tons of break outs!

So let me walk you through the process. You start by setting up an account as you would anywhere. You give them your name, address and so on. Then you take a survey or quiz or whatever you'd like to call it. It asks you a lot of great questions including your skin type, what your problems are, where your problem areas are at, if your skin is sensitive, allergies and more. Then at the end you upload 3 photos of your face without makeup on (one showing the left side, one showing the right and one straight on). Full disclosure - when I set up my account it was the early afternoon and I had a full face of makeup on and I was NOT about to wipe that off. I found a few older "before pictures" I had taken, but they were all from the left side. I uploaded three left side photos and moved on.

Well a few days later I got a message that my skincare professional needed better photos. So that night I took three quick shots before bed and uploaded them to the site separately. Then my formula was finished and my package was sent out. I got the package and it had some promo items in it that were... kind of odd I thought. It has some weird temporary tattoos, a small package of grape jelly beans (that were delicious) and two matching pins of ghosts hugging. The pins said "you're not alone" on the packaging and it looked like you were supposed to give one to a friend to show them you care, but also had "curology" written all over it, so it was kind of odd. Just not the kind of thing I expect to get with my skin care I guess. Maybe a sample of moisturizer would have made more sense?

Anyways, I actually got a "free trial" where you just pay shipping, which is $5. The bottle I got was a nice sturdy white plastic bottle with a pump nozzle. However I know the full sized product is a thick glass-like frosted bottle with a pump. So I did two pumps the first night after washing my face with cleanser, and it covered my whole face very well. But I only have acne on my jaw line, so now I only use one pump per night (because I am SAVORING this stuff)!

I noticed a huge difference night one. I kid you not. I woke up the next morning and thought "oh wow!" After using it for a week I was telling my husband about it once while I was getting ready. I was telling how great my skin looked. I do my eye shadow before my foundation usually, and that was the case that day too. I said "I mean look at these results" and he looked and said "it looks good, but you are wearing foundation so I can't really tell". YOU GUYS! My skin looked so good, that my husband thought I was wearing foundation when I wasn't! He was surprised when I corrected him.

After using it for a couple of weeks I stopped for three days, and my skin did get worse again. You definitely have to keep up with it. But it's so amazing! I am hooked. I really am. I highly recommend it. My skin is not only healing form acne, but it's hydrated and soft and wonderful.

I do not make any commission off purchases made through this page EXCEPT that it does give me a small amount off my next curology order. This is a referral link anyone can get and share, you too. I am not paid te review this by curology.

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