Saturday, June 18, 2016

Will Hot Tools Damage My Hair?

So many things damage your hair! I got a message this morning from someone who wants to protect her hair and keep it healthy, but wants to straighten her naturally curly locks! The answer to this question (will hot tools damage my hair?) is in a word - yes. It will. The sun also damages your hair, shampooing with harsh sulfates can be very damaging and using to many heavily oils (like Coconut Oil) that will clog the pores and follicles on your scalp is also very damaging for your hair. But back to hot tools, they ALWAYS damage your hair, even blow drying does. However you can prevent this damage! Here are some dynamite products I recommend to keep your hair healthy.

Blow Dryer & Every Day Protection
As I said earlier the sun is damaging for your hair. UVA and UVB rays don't just hurt your skin! So protect your hair from yellowing, fading and drying out with a good sun protectant! All three of my recommendations for this also protect your hair from a blow dryer and pollutants in the air. I love multitasking products! I literally spray one of these on DAILY! Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer (Tall Left) is perfect for fine haired folk because it is light weight, while the Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer (Short Left) is a cream that is great for people who have frizz issues or super dry hair. Very similar to the Redken Spray primer is the KMS Quick Blow Dry Spray (Right), which is also light weight, smells good, and is long lasting! These products are not strong enough o stand up to hot tools though.

Thermal Styling & Hot Tools Protection
I could talk about this for days! I love thermal protectants and I own about 50 of them, haha! This is something I am passionate about. These products all protect your hair from the heat from both blow dryers and hot tools. So what's up first? Wella's EIMI Thermal Image (Left). This is a great standard light weight thermal protectant. It smells great and doesn't add shine. It's a standard heat protectant that just does the damn thing, and is best for normal or fine hair types. If your hair gives you a hard time about holding curl try the Redken Iron Shape 11. This product has a little bit of a starchy quality that reinforces hairspray helping your stubborn hair to hold your desired style. If you need something to fight humidity give TIGI Bed Head Straighten Out (right) a try! Not only does this product smell incredible, it is long lasting, easy to use, and it will keep your straight hair straight even in humid weather. This product is also great for those with dry hair because it delivers moisture but is a quick dry formula that will not harm your hair. If you want one that adds shine I recommend grabbing the Sebastian Trillant Spray.

There are a lot of products out there that say they protect your hair and either don't work or damage it! Cheap products from drugstores or Walmart are not going to protect you hair 90% of the time, so you are wasting time and money by buying and applying something that doesn't work.

Also be careful where you purchase your products. I highly recommend clicking any of the product names which will you take you to that product's company's website and information for that product. You can usually find a "Salon Locator" on the site and find a salon near you selling these wonderful items! When you buy from a salon you are guaranteed authentic product. You are also supporting local businesses, plus salons often have better deals than these other places anyways! On top of that a lot of places such as Target and TJ Maxx may be selling fake, diverted or expired items. You can read more about the realities of diversion and fake products here! Salon Professional Products are only guaranteed when bought in a salon! So be careful!

***Thanks to Tina for asking this question***

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