Monday, January 13, 2014

How do I Wash my Makeup Brushes?

I have two sets of makeup brushes, the ones I use at home every day, and the ones I use on my clients several times a day. I am going to tell you how I choose to clean both of them.
I use Mary Kay Makeup Brush Cleanser on my professional brushes after every use. This makes them safe to use in between clients, and gets rid of germs and most of the makeup residue. Although I do have different brushes for foundation that is for light skinned people and dark skinned people, and if I use a really bold and heavy color on someone, I retire that brush for the day. Like I said, this cleanser will get rid of most of the residue on your brushes. I also use this cleanser on my personal at home brushes once a week. 

Then once a week I clean my professional brushes with warm water and hydrating shampoo. You should not use normal "Walmart brand" shampoos (like Suave, Garnier and Herbal Essence) , because they will dry out the bristles on you brushes, which shortens their life,  lessens their ability to be cleaned and performance.  I personally use TIGI Bed Head Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner every day, so I do just use what I use in the shower. But if you have a shampoo that you like already (but isn't a professional brand) then you should buy a smaller bottle of the TIGI shampoo to only use for cleaning brushes. One small bottle will last you for over a year if you are only using it for cleaning brushes! I also use the shampoo and warm water to clean my personal brushes once a month. You can also use a gentle baby shampoo for cleaning brushes, although I really don't think it does as good of a job. 

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