Monday, January 22, 2018

My Top and Bottom 3 Dry Shampoos

Today I am counting down my 3 favorite Dry Shampoos for you, and I will of course let you know why each one is one I like and recommend, and I will also link you to full length reviews! I will also list my three least favorites as well as why.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is my least favorite that I have ever tried. I KNOW that a lot of people disagree. It's advertised as begin the #1 brand in the UK and when I worked at Ulta Beauty it was a top seller. I tried three kinds of this stuff! The tropical scent and the wild scent. Both were super overwhelming when it came to the scent which was thick and powdery. The actual product left my hair looking dull and it was hard for me not to get white spots whether or not I shook the can first. They also made my hair feel thick and heavy with product. I just simply didn't have a good experience. You can read my full review here (which includes my experience with the dark brunette tinted one).

TIGI Oh Beehive! 
dry shampoo was a huge disappointment to me. I love this brand in general, but this product missed the mark for me. It smells sickly sweet and is super overwhelming when it comes to fragrance. It made my hair look white and dull and powdery, and for the price point of $19.99 I expect more.

Redken Pillow Proof dry shampoo is just not a favorite for me. Similarly to Oh Beehive I felt the quality wasn't there when you considered the price point. This one rings in at $20, which is average for high end dry shampoo. I think the scent is awful. To me is smells like soap and powder. And while I didn't have any issue with getting a finish that wasn't dull or white (my hair actually looked good) it left it feeling bristle-like. Between the unpleasant scent and the hay-like texture it left I just wasn't a fan of this one.

#3  Wella EIMI Dry MeThis dry shampoo has a few features that I am particularly fond of. The first is that it is clear. So it doesn't matter if you're hair is blonde, black or blue, it won't give you a powdery or white finish. Another favorite feature of mine is that this dry shampoo is lightweight. I can't feel it in my hair at all. It doesn't have the most longevity (as in a little doesn't go a long way) but yous till don't have to use a ton. My only complaint is that I wish it smelled a little better. I have a hard time describing the scent honestly, but I think that considering the other factors and the $19.50 price point, it is worth it. 

#2 TIGI Bed Head Rockaholics
This is just a solid standard dry shampoo. It has a light crisp scent (like sprite) and it just works. It will get powdery if you overuse it in one spot, but it's easy to break it up. It leaves a little texture and volume, but not enough to make you hair feel hay-like, and a little goes a very long way. There are no special features or gimmicks to this product, it just works and it's awesome.

#1 Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo
This dry shampoo is the cream of the crop. It has sleek beautiful packaging, and it's unique. Most dry shampoos have powder in them. You spray it into your hair and the powder molecules absorb the oils so your hair doesn't look dirty. This dry shampoo is different. It has large powder molecules so when you spray it on your hair is instantly white! You wait 30 seconds as it absorbs oils, you tilt your head and shake it all out. The powder absorbs the oils, then you shake them out so you are actually removing the dirt, oil and buildup as opposed to simply masking it. It makes this product stand out. If I use this on day 3, on day 4 I often don't need to use anything. It rings in at $22 and is so worth it.

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