Monday, September 11, 2017

REVIEW: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Packaging - 3 (average)
Scent - 2 (not very good)
Oil Absorption - 5 (excellent)
Finish - 1 (awful)
Texture - 1 (awful)

I tried three kinds of Batiste dry shampoo, and I simply didn't have a good experience with any of them. I tried the Wild scent, the Tropical (pictured) and the Dark Brunette tinted one. This is advertised as the UK's best selling brand of dry shampoo, and it was a popular buy at Ulta Beauty when I worked there. I haven't been impressed myself. Let's dive into why a little more.

The packaging to me is cheap looking. Some will disagree but I like my stuff to look sleek and expensive. This looks cheap (which with all due respect it IS a cheap brand). The cap is sturdy which gave the score a small boost, and it is cute and there are super fun vibrant designs on each package which helped. They have a TON of scent options, but I found all three of mine to be overwhelmingly strong and very powdery in scent. It was not pleasant. It does absorb oil, your hair will not look greasy after using this stuff.

So the two lowest scores are finish and texture. The finish is awful because I found it difficult to not have a ton of white show up on my hair. On top of that it left my hair looking dull and kind of powdery. The one that was tinted was not a natural looking tint, it just made the powder less white and more tan. It did help it not be so white, but my hair still looked dull (plus that one smelled worse than the others). The texture was odd in a bad way. It didn't give my hair volume, but made it feel stiff and gross and full of product. I couldn't run my fingers through my hair. It was awful.

I clearly don't recommend this product but I am sure many of you disagree. Drop your own experience in the comments.


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