Wednesday, October 22, 2014

True or False? your most common Beauty Myths Answered!

1 - Box Color from Drugstores (like Walmart, Target, ect.) is bad for your hair, but if you get the Argon Oil infused colors, or other box colors from Sally's it's the same as what professionals use.         
FALSE! A little Argon Oil is better than none (making it slightly better than drugstore varieties) but it not what pros use, and isn't good for your hair either. We also don't use salon care lightener and developers like you find at sallys. Once again, while these are better than box lighteners at walmart, they are not what professionals use and I don't recommend them.  Learn more here!

2 - Coconut Oil and Olive Oil are just as good for your hair as Fancy Conditioners.

FALSE! They are good for your hair, but not as good. Your hair has over 50 types of natural oils in it that professional conditioners try to replicate. Granted most conditioners don't get near the 50, but it's a lot better
than 1. Plus while those oils might be okay for your hair strands, they aren't great for your scalp. And to really get the full effect from a conditioning treatment, you should heat it up. If you do that with olive oil you are literally frying your hair, like the way you would chicken. It's awful. Pro conditioners are designed for added heat and are safe on your scalp when heated.

3 - Cutting Your Hair makes it grow Faster

TRUE!! Well... erm.. kind of. Trimming your hair helps maintain it and prevents breakage early so that your hair can grow long and strong without any problems. Click here to learn more!


4 - Celebrities HAVE to use the Products they Endorse! 

FALSE! Some celebrities have it in their contracts that they have to use it at least once or twice so they can be "honest" when someone asks them if they've used it. But usually they just don't. In fact fairly often they aren't even using it in the ads they shoot! Sometimes they have agreements that they have to use something on their tour, or for a duration of time, but not always. The moral of the story here is that just because they endorse it doesn't mean they use it.  Learn more here!

5 - When it comes to Hair, You Get What You Pay For

TRUE! If you buy box color instead of going to a salon you may save money but your hair will be dried, damaged and look cheap. Getting a higher end foundation will usually ensure that you will have cleaner and healthier skin as well as having a lighter and more natural look.

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