Friday, December 2, 2016

SILISPONGE - What do you think?

The newest viral video for a beauty product has emerged over the last week, and I am excited to get mine in the mail in the next 3 weeks! It is called the Silisponge. It is a silicone blending pod for your makeup, and is boasted to be better than the popular beauty blender. The video is below

So what do I think? I am skeptical. One thing that makes the beauty blender so incredible is that it mimics skin texture o that your makeup blends flawlessly. But the Silisponge is smooth. I am also worried about it's durability, and honestly if it will really be better than wrapping a beauty blender in a tight layers of plastic wrap. A lot of people say they would feel like they are using a breast implant on their face, which I could see, but isn't a deterrent for me. But I am always up to try new things! What do you think? Are you going to try this new sponge? Do you think it will work? 

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