Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hair Definitions

There are a million and one ways to define your hair, course, medium, fine, normal, thick, porous, damaged, frizzy, sleek, ect. The list goes on and on. So how exactly do you define what your hair is? There are three ways to define your hair. The first thing you need to know is some terms.

- Density -
Density is amount of hair strands on your head per square inch of scalp. Usually blondes and redheads have a higher density than a brunette. But that isn't always the case! The three definitions of hair density are

Thick Denisty
Medium (or normal) Density
Low Density

- Texture - 
The texture of ones hair is defined by the diameter of each individual hair strand. There are three ways to define someones hair texture.

Medium (or normal)

So when your stylist says your hair is coarse it doesn't mean damaged, it means thick.

- Porosity and Elasticity - 
The porosity and elasticity of someones hair directly relates to the damage it's seen. Porosity is the ability your hair has to absorb moisture. Elasticity is the ability of the hair strand to stretch and then return to it's normal length, without breakage. These two can be tested in many ways and defined but generally there are three ways we define it in the hair world.

High Porosity with Low Elasticity (very damaged)
Healthy (a little damaged)
Virgin (no damage)

the things that cause damage to the hair are anything from acidic shampoos, curling irons, flat irons, blowdrying the hair, chemical services (hair color dyes, perms, ect.) and so much more. The less damage that is done to your hair the lower your hair's porosity is, and the higher its elasticity.

So now that you know all of that great information, we can define our hair better. So for example before school I used to think I had thick hair. Now I know what I really have is Coarse, medium, healthy hair. What's your hair type?

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