Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Hey babes!
Every year Temptu does a sale for their Pro Member's friends and family! This sale just launched and I am excited to bring my readers (who are also my friends and family) this incredible deal! 25% off all temptu! If you have been wanting to try out a high quality airbrush machine, now is the time! If you are not interested in airbrush products you can still take part! Here are my top three favorite items from Temptu to use without the airbrush gun! (Sale info at the end of this article).

1 - Color True Lipstick
by far my favorite beauty item from temptu for everyday use! These colors are pigmented, long lasting, non drying, and creamy! I am in love with them (which might be why I own every shade!) They come in 12 shades and they are all matte. Temptu also has a killer gloss that can be applied over any lipstick to give it a long lasting shine without any stickiness!  Check them out here! 

2 - S/B Highlighters
I don't love the Temptu foundations unless they are applied with an airbrush gun. However the highlighters are awesome when applied with your fingers or a makeup brush. They last all day, give a healthy glow that doesn't just look sparkly, and a little goes a LONG way. Like one drop will do both cheekbones and your nose and cupid's bow. The duo pictured and that I am linking you to comes with two. One that is a light and bright highlighter (pearl) and the other that will give you a bronzy glow (champagne)! Check this sweet set out here!

3 - Invisible Difference Finishing Powder
This is hands down the best finishing powder I have ever used. It is completely matte, but it is not drying. A lot of dry skinned people can not use finishing powder, but with this one you really can! It will blur lines, wrinkles, large pores and other imperfections to give you are flawless look. It also helps to set your makeup to last all day long! It is a must for every single bride I work on! They have 3 shades Light 1 is completely invisible and great for fair skinned, or caucasians. If you have latin blood in you and a darker complexion than medium 2 is best (it looks pink in the packaging, but it doesn't look pink when applied). And if you are a a dark skinned beauty go with dark 3. All of these shades are VERY light! This powder is translucent so the medium and dark shade are slightly tinted to disappear on even the darkest skin. Check this amazing product out here!

Happy Shopping!

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