Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why is Primer and Product Important in Hair and Makeup?

I am SO glad someone asked me this question! I am a big believer and advocate of both makeup primers and hair product! BUT both have to be professional!

Makeup Primer does several things for you. Primer sets the makeup and helps it last all day long. It protects your skin from the makeup setting in the pores and causing acne. It also protects your skin from being dyed by the pigment in the makeup. Dark circles under your eyes are often a result of not washing all of your makeup off thoroughly at the end of the day and having it stain your lids and under your eyes throughout the day and while you sleep. It also creates a smooth base for your foundation to sit on, so it removes or decreases visibility of unsightly creases, wrinkles and spots. It also controls shine and prevents flaking.

Some people feel like it seems daunting or silly to spend money on yet another product or to add one more step to their routine, but it is worth it. Think of it this way- how often do you reapply your makeup throughout the day? If I am not wearing primer and I have a full day, it's usually three. If it's a normal day it's two. But if I am using primer, whether I have one errand to run or a full schedule I am good to go all day long without reapplication. So if I don't use primer I am using 2- 3 times more makeup every day than if I do. Plus the primer does make your makeup look better!

Another question I was asked was what primer is most important. There is lipstick primer (which I never use), eye makeup primer (which is a must) and foundation primer (which I use for clients but it isn't a necessity on my own skin). The reason I don't always use it on myself is because honestly, I am lazy! I don't like applying more stuff to my face! I don't have the time! So I don't do it. But if I have an interview, a day packed with clients, church or anything else like that I always use foundation primer in the morning.  So I guess the answer to that question in my opinion in the eye makeup primer.

The reason I feel eye makeup primer is a necessity is because eye makeup is usually darker than your skin, and does stain it, but primer will help prevent unwanted pigmentation on your skin. Plus I feel like eye makeup is the thing that I am always having to reapply throughout the day, it also seems like it is the one that flakes and smears easiest. And lastly we touch and rub our eyes all the time! So there is more chance of your eyemakeup smearing.

Now hair product is a little different. Hair product protects your hair from damage and aging, and it also protects your styling! I do not like crunchy hair! I have a few clients (all with perms) who like crunchy hair, but I still always try to get them to use something other than mousse for styling! Use a Mousse Wax or something like that! But anyways, my point is that everyone just automatically goes to hairspray. Did you curl your hair? Hairspray! Flat Iron maybe? Hairspray!  Or maybe you did some fun beach waves? Hairspray! What I am trying to say is STOP! Hairspray is great for pulled back looks and teasing, but that is about it! So if you have a sleek pony tail and you want to manage all fly-aways use hairspray. Or if you are in a dance recital and your hair needs to be as hard as a rock use hairspray!

For other styles though, there are better options! If you have curls (natural or permed) there are millions of products out there that are meant to help you specifically! Most likely whether you want separation, or bounce, or you are flat ironing it, or whatever there is at least one product out there that is specially meant to aid in exactly what you are trying to accomplish! And it's going to work a whole lot better than hairspray!

Heat protecants are my big thing though! You HAVE to protect you hair. You hair is constantly getting damaged. Between flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons, the sun, hot showers, being twisted up in towels, being pulled back into pony tails, clipped up and other styling methods, your hair is pretty much done! All of those things that I mentioned before cause your hair to dry out, break off, and create split ends. So it is SO important that we use quality product to care for our hair and for ALL heat applications you must protect it!

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***Thanks Jenny and ChickaDee63 for asking these questions!***

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