Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Year Crushes

A lot of people message me asking what my favorite body wash is, or what my favorite dry shampoo is, etc. I often respond telling them that what works for me may not work for them, but regardless people often want to know my top picks. So these are a few of my favorite things right now. I decided to do a fun theme of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". This is quite possibly because I teach children at my local church and we sang this song a million times on Sunday.

*none of these items are paid advertisements. I am not receiving any kind of kickbacks, money or product for promoting these times, they are my genuine recommendations.

This line is AMAZING. It has helped my lightened hair so much over the past two months! I love the Sexy Hair products in general but these ones are infused with Aloe Vera and Mango Butter and they smell like HEAVEN! My hair is normal to fine in texture and normal in density. So if you have thick hair this isn't the product for you. But it's nourishing and weightless, which is great for fine-haired folk! 

I have long been a Bath and Body Works junkie. Their scents are just SO fun! But my skin is dry to the max. So I decided to try out a few different brands. I am so happy I gave this one a try! It has ribbons of moisturizing lotion in it. It smells amazing but still suds up and my skin is so much softer and more hydrated now! 

I am simply in love with this product. The best way to explain it is a tanning gel. But it just adds a little non-glittery bronze to your skin without any lines or creases or inconsistency. It smells nice, it;'s hydrating, it's easy to use. It's everything I could want in a bronzer honestly and I love it. I only wish it was longer lasting, but it's perfect come spring to throw on those legs after they've been hiding all winter. 

Color Street are 100% nail polish wraps that you allow you to get cute designs in minutes. You don't need any heat to apply them and they come off with acetone and a cotton ball just like regular nail polish! you can read my full review of Color Street here

I am sure you have seen other reviews of this product on my blog, and I think it made an appearance on one of my "current favorites" lists in the past. It's one that I keep going back to. I LOVE Air Patrol. It works. It's just a solid primer that doesn't crease and you don't need much and it helps the colors of my eye shadow pop. You can read my first impressions of Benefit's Air Patrol here

I was really reaching here for this one. I was trying to keep in the theme of "head, shoulders, knees and toes" and I had no idea what to do when the song lyrics came to ears! I though about earrings, but I really don't wear earrings very often and I really want these lists to be things I use and love. So I chose to share a song I am currently listening to a million times a day. 

This is Me by Keala Settle from the film The Greatest Showman is a showstopper. It has a powerful and beautiful message and it's simply a power anthem. I have loved Keala Settle for years now and I have followed her career on Broadway for some time. Recently she was in another favorite musical of mine called Waitress where she also performed the shows best song "I didn't plan it". Her voice is strong, powerful and moving. You can listen to the studio recording here. Another favorite way for me to listen to this song is the video of her singing it during a workshop. There are no bells and no frills but you can see and feel and hear the emotion in everyone's voice and it is powerful! I recommend both, but I have this workshop version in the video below. Please read the lyrics as you listen. We are glorious ♥

As many of you know I am trying to incorporate more health and nutrition on this blog so I had to thro in my current favorite snack. Graze has a lot of options but these Kern Pops are my favorite! I actually get all of their flavors, but I have a sweet tooth and these are amazing. They are half-popped popcorn, they have crunch and are salty caramely deliciousness. Graze has tons of options in snack packs, which is nice because then they are proportioned with their calorie content and nutritional value on the package. A lot of their snacks have super foods and ingredients to help with energy and focus too. This one however is just delicious. Pick yours up here

If you are a regular reader you already know that I am in love with this foundation right now. I wanted to hate it and write the first review calling it "basic" and "over-hyped", but the Fenty Beauty liquid foundation has earned it's praise. It's amazing, lightweight, moisturizing, natural looking, pore filling, and I love it! You can read my full review here

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