Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How do I Control my Dandruff?

Many of us fall victim to the small white flakes of dry scalp in our hair, on our pillows and on our clothes! They make us look unhygienic and gross no matter how many showers we take! Yes, I too suffer from dandruff! But luckily I also know they best way to get rid of dandruff!

1- Scalp Treatment
These are your best friends, bottom line. Not a lot of salons do them (surprisingly enough) but most hair schools do for cheap! These treatments use a mint tea-tree oil deep conditioner to soften and condition the scalp. A boar bristle round brush is used at the roots to stimulate hair growth and loosen any dried flakes already present. This removes any present dandruff and protects, moisturizes and conditions the scalp to prevent the scalp from drying and flaking in the future. Usually a scalp treatment is $10-25

2 - The Right Shampoo
There are two shampoos I recommend. The first is Heads & Shoulders at Walmart. yes, I am recommending a drugstore shampoo, shocking I know. But it works for dandruff. Although some people who have really bad dandruff need a little something more. For those unfortunate folks I recommend Redken Scalp Relief Dandruff Control Shampoo. You can usually find this at a Salon or online. 

3 - Use Conditioner
A lot of people feel like conditioner isn't important. It's a step that is often skipped or overlooked. But your scalp needs the moisture! If you have a hard time with your hair looking greasy or oily you may want to invest in a professional conditioner (it doesn't have to be dandruff fighting conditioner) because these have less filler oils in them and focus more on vitamins and essential oils. When I say professional conditioner, or product I do not mean "Loreal Professionals" or whatever you can pick up at Sally's Beauty. In the salon world there are brands that are exclusive to salons. Aside from American Crew and TIGI, most professional product can not be found at Walmart or Sally's unless it is counterfeit or expired product. For example Redken, Paul Mitchell, Wella, Alloxi, Big Sexy, Aveda, ect. The only place you should be able to find these products are in a salon. Most salons have a retail section where you can purchase these products.

4 - Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day
This is a good rule in general but it is important that nobody who is battling dandruff over washes their hair. It dries our your scalp and causes the dandruff! My husband has the worst dandruff ever and he found that if he only washes his hair every other day (sometimes every 3 days) his dandruff is completely gone! It's like if you have a dry patch of skin on your arm, would you consistently wash it and dry it? no, you'd probably put moisturizer or lotion it often. So moisturize your scalp.

Here is a link to some of the product mentioned before
Redken Scalp Relief Dandruff Control Shampoo
Heads & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo 

***Thanks to Jamie, Alexia, RobbieRay and PotterFan2000 for asking this question***

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  1. Thanks for your several dandruff blogs. Are any of these products color safe, esp. blond? My family has black hair so we always to bleach and hopefully not get bronze-y.


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