Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for your Big Day

Whether it's your Prom, Wedding Day, or Graduation, if it's a special occasion that involves lots of pictures, you're going to want to hire a professional. Here are my top five reasons why should help us help you!

1 - They Know Stuff You Don't
You may have pinterest tutorials on highlighting and contouring, but professional makeup artists know how to work with every face shape and type. I worked with a girl a couple of days ago who wasn't large at all, but her face was shaped in a way that it gave her a double chin effect. I was able to use an airbrush technique that made that second chin disappear! Find me a pinterest tutorial (that works on every face shape and type) to do that!

2 - They've Invested A LOT into Their Supplies
High end makeup is expensive, we all know that. Not everyone has the money to buy three Urban Decay Pallets ($45 each) and Lorac Primer ($32). Not to mention an airbrush machine ($200+) and the foundation that goes with it ($38+ each)! But makeup artists do. We can deduct makeup from our taxes because it is a business expense. It's the same with hair styling. I have over $300 in hair styling products in my studio. A lot of that is product that wont work for my hair, but will for my clients. I invest money in my supplies to be able to better help you. And just like makeup artists, hair dressers can deduct product purchases from our taxes. If we don't have high quality products we wont get booked.

3 - It Ensures a Moment of Peace in the Middle of Chaos
Weddings, senior proms, graduations and most other big events come with a lot of stress. "Where is my dress?", "I am so hungry!", "What time is it?", "We are late!" and many other panic-inducing things are often heard on these days! But if you have a professional doing your hair and/or makeup then it ensures that you will have at least one hour that day to sit down, relax and breath.

4 - It Lasts & Looks Great
Because makeup artists and hair dressers have studied long and hard to perfect their craft, and because they invest a lot in their supplies, their work lasts all day! No touch ups, no smeared lines, just enjoying your day! They know just how to contour your face, just what kind of primer to use for your skin, and what kind of brown to use for your eye color. That's right brown isn't "just brown". For someone with blue eyes I will use browns with more amber (orangey) tones, and for green eyes red browns are the way to go. We have the color wheel locked down so we know just what to use to make your features pop! Plus we know what photographs well and what doesn't. And most importantly we will set it, prime it and lock it in to make it stay!

5 - It's Fun!
You don't get married every day, or graduate, or go to your first high school formal! Whatever the special occasion is, it's special for a reason! Getting done up by a professional is fun! It's girl time that leaves you looking and feeling confident. So splurge a little and hire a local artist to work for you! It's your special day after all!

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