Wednesday, May 1, 2019

REVIEW: Kylie Cosmetics Setting Spray

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 5 (excellent)
Hydration - 5 (excellent)
Improved Wear- 5 (excellent)
Longevity - 5 (excellent)

5 Stars across the board! I really didn't expect much from this product and it's positioned to be one of my all time favorites! I will start with the packaging which is your standard spray bottle, nothing fancy. But it's functional. I am not the biggest fan of the new baby pink packaging that Kylie Cosmetics is going with. Usually the do black and silver, or fun graphic choices for their packaging. But even though I'm not the biggest baby pink fan myself it's still nice and the chrome letters are a great touch.

This has a great rose scent that I love. I am not the biggest fan of overly floral fragrances, but this one is crisp and light, it almost has a cucumber undertone that keeps it refreshing.  It is certainly hydrating, I love spraying this on even with no makeup because it leave my skin feeling so nice. In my experience there are two types of setting sprays, the ones that smell like alcohol and make your skin dryer, but help to keep your makeup on, and the ones that smell nice and hydrate but they don't do much for your cosmetics. This one breaks that stereotype by smelling and feeling amazing, while also providing great improved wear. You only need 2-3 spritzes per day so it'll last you a while, and is honestly a pretty affordable option.

You can pick it up here

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