Monday, July 30, 2018

Learn from my Mistakes!

I am so ashamed to admit something I did the other day, but I have to be real with you guys, and maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

You guys I talk about not purchasing high ends products from drugstores and super stores all the time. They are often fake or expired and I don't support it. Well I did it. I bought a high end item from a mass store and re-learned the lesson.

NOW in my defense, what I purchased was the Global Beauty Care Retinal Treatment Mask, and while this is a high end brand, they aren't huge yet, so I thought maybe they were stretching into retail a little, but found it odd for them to start.... I AM SO ASHAMED TO ADMIT WHERE I BOUGHT THESE!

Here it goes, I picked these up at the Dollar Tree πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

So now that we have gotten over the initial shock I want to share with you what happened. I bought a pack of two of these for $1. They are normally 5 for $10. Why the fact that these were a quarter of the price, didn't set off a million alarms, I don't know. Regardless I picked on up and headed home. After my shower I decided it was time for my weekly mask. Tickled by my find I opened the product and put the mask on... I knew in seconds this was authentic.

It smelled like a cheap brand of kids bubbles. It was chemically and super soapy smelling. The originals were practically scentless. These were STRONG. Then I put it on. The mask itself was poorly constructed. The eye holes weren't torn out, so it covered my eyes, and there were just slits... that closed. It made no sense and was not functional. Plus the formula left in the bag said everything I needed it to. It was water-like. The original formula was definitely thicker.

Here is what is scary - what if I had never used the Global Beauty Care Retinol Sheet Masks Before and thought this was authentic?

One - I would have kept it on and my skin would be DRY and likely my pores would be clogged. Who knows what crap is in here, it's clear the packaging isn't truthful.

Second - I would have missed out on a great brand because I would have never purchased anything from them again!

Thank goodness I knew, because now my skin is covered by the authentic Global Beauty Brand Care Charcoal Gel Face Mask

Let me say it again. Only buy high end products from the company, from salons, or from high end retailers that match the level of quality the brand has.

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