Wednesday, January 24, 2018

REVIEW: Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Packaging - 5 (very good)
Variety - 2 (not very good)
Longevity - 5 (excellent)
Wear - 4 (very good)
Fall Out - 5 (excellent)

This little eye shadow impressed me. The packaging is standard looking, I do like it when the lid is attached to the base. It is easy to open and close with one hand and then I don't loose the lid. The lowest note on this item is the variety. They currently only have 6 single shades and one palette. What's odd is that the palette includes shades that you can't purchase as a single. The cost rings in at $12 each, which is not bad in my opinion. It's a higher price than a single from an inexpensive line, but not as pricey as MAC, Urban Decay or other high end brands. And I do feel the quality holds up to a high end brand. I got a red-ish hue (Sangria) which tend to look pink or brown after wearing it for a few hours. I have worn it mulitple times now and it always stays true to tone. It is super pigmented and a little goes a super long way. It is easy to blend out and had almost no fall out! It lasted me all day with a primer (I used it with Air Patrol from Benefit and Cease Crease from Pur Minerals). Without a primer though it still did fairly well. I mean my eyelids get a touch oily so there was some creasing and there was fading, but it lasted for about 5 hours with no primer at all, which is impressive. I do recommend this one and I hope to see more shades from this brand soon.

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