Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fall Crushes

Here is an update about my kinda big beauty obsessions right now. None of these items are things that I have been paid to post or that I receive any kind of kick backs on. I seriously just love them and I know you will too. 

I ADORE when I can find a dynamite product that is a bargain too! Makeup Revolution's Vivid Baked Bronzer is just that! I can't live without mine in the shade Golden Days. It creates a soft warm glow that has a hint of shimmer without being glittery. I wearing it alone as well as over my other blushes and well, I am in love! You can pick it up at online here!

It's no secret I am a fan of the Kylie Cosmetic's Lip Kits. However I am generally not a fan of gloss because it is usually super sticky and just not my thing. Then they did the Koko Kollection, and I am a SUCKER for gold and rose gold and stunning packaging. I had to buy it! Plus I really do love Khloe Kardashian (she is my favorite one)! I loved the Damn Gina gloss so much I bought the Literally gloss later. They are silky smooth and plush, not sticky at all. they are a little thick, but I can live with that because they are also highly pigmented. The Damn Gina shade is a light peach with a subtle shimmer, and Literally is a warm nude. You can see more here
Okay guys, I am not a fan of gimmicky products, like at all. I have heard and seen success stories about this supplement for a while, and I have vouched for it on my blog before. But I decided to grow my hair out again, and I really wanted to do so before my little sister gets married in October. So last month I began taking these daily and OH MY GOSH, my hair is growing so fast! I will preach about these until the day I die most likely. I know they are safe, I understand the ingredients, and well, the proof is in the pudding! My hair is growing! You can learn more about these bad boys and purchase them here

I love a good root lifter, but normally those foams and mousses you use leave your hair feeling stiff and sticky, like you have hairspray in them. Not this one. Wella EIMI Root Shoot has a heat protectant in it so it protects where you need it most. It is super soft and when I am done using it I can run my fingers through my hair and it looks like nothing is in it. You can also use this on WET OR DRY hair! That's right! I put it near my part (work it in and comb it) and then blow dry my roots in the opposite direction of where my hair lays. You only have to dry the product into your roots and it takes seconds! I love it. Learn more and purchase it here

Last but not least, my newest love! The Urban Decay Afterglow Powder Highliter is amazing. It is highly pigmented, gives you the most beautiful glow without looking streaky or patchy, and lasts. I am seriously obsessed and rarely go a day without it. Get it here.

 Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them? I also want to know what are your current beauty obsessions?! Drop them in the comments I want to try them!

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