Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday Gifting Tips!

I don't know if you heard, but it's the holidays! Like Christmas is only about 1 week away!!! So if you are looking for some gorgeous gifts here is a little guide of things you could do to gift gorgeously this season, and save money!

1- Check Your Spam Folder
a lot of our ads go into spam. I have long unsubscribed from a lot of my beauty brand ads because it was 50+ emails a day! Well check them this time of year. For example did you know that today only you get a FREE Kylie Cosmetics Merry Lip Kit with any purchase? That is a $30 lip kit! These kinds of deals are often one day only so make sure you are looking for them in the Spam Folder!

2- Buy Bundles and Break Them Apart
At our salon right now we have tons of great bundles! For example 2 Kenra Volume 25 Hair Sprays ($17.50 each) for only $25! So you can buy one, break apart the bundle, and then gift the hairsprays to your two daughters, two sisters, two besties, or one for a loved one and once for you!
3- Buy Beauty Products

Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Products and Cosmetics are PERFECT gifts. Why? Because when you purchase professional hair care form your local salon you are gifting something that is practical. Your gift will get used. It is not going to be regifted, or sit on a shelf for years to come. Who couldn't use hair product? Not only is it practical, but because it is professional it is special, luxurious and fun! PLUS when you buy from your local salon you are buying local, supporting a local business, and supporting a business owner (as most hair stylists are independent contractors).

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