Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Beauty World Drama!

I have had a million emails asking me to state my opinion on some beauty guru drama. Here is the deal, I don't do drama. I want to stay in my little corner of the internet with my incredible cult followers and live a happy life. I do not feel the need to slam other bloggers or you-tubers in the hopes of getting my name dropped to get more site traffic. That is not who I am. So I am going to give a few quick comments on some issues and drama that has been going on. Like seriously quick.

Jeffree Star
I have always had issues with Jeffree Star. I think he is funny, and talented. I also think he is arrogant and rude. He has tried to get into the lime light a million different ways and beauty vlogging is just the one that clicked. I have seen him dis products I love and promote products I don't like at all, so I feel he can be bought if that makes sense, although it could just be a matter of taste (and I get that). I think the whole Kat Von D drama (which you can read in detail about here) catalyst a bunch of nasty comments about him that were unwarranted, but some that were also warranted. I also do have a good friend who has personally met Star and who fan-girled for a second over him and was met with a very rude and cold comeback. My dear friend (who shall remain nameless) said Star treated him like he wasn't famous enough for Star to care about and was even ignored when speaking to him. My friend didn't meet Star at an event, he met him through a friend who knew Jeffree before his youtube success. I think it is apparent that Jeffree has a diva attitude, which some love. I don't. That is just me. I also think he sells subpar products and I am just not a fan. You can read about his latest Lipstick launch here.

Nikkie Tutorials
So the big scandal here is that after all of youtube blasted Jeffree Star for being racist, a bully and generally horrible, Nikkie (as well as Manny MUA) supported him. To me, questioning her loyalty is dumb. Like you have to stick up for your people. If her and Star are friends why wouldn't she have stuck up for him? Even arrogant people can be nice to their friends. I will however comment on the fact that her recent palette collab with Too Faced was awful. These brands keep collaborating with vloggers and stars, but they do not use the same high quality formulas that they are known and loved for. It is always so disappointing. My issue with this one is that Nikkie swatched the palette and threw it all over the internet as advertising. She did not care when people called her out for false advertising (as the swatches she showed were no where near close to the ones others have posted) and she ignored the disappointment of fans who were bothered that she promoted such a crappy palette. The palette is over all really crummy. I just think she should have been honest with her fans or told Too Faced to step it up. That is my opinion. When something similar happened with Jaclyn Hill and her collab with Becca she refunded the buyers! no refunds form Nikkie though, although I am sure Ulta and Sephora got a ton of returns for it.

Stephanie Nicole
Stephanie Nicole is known for being opinionated. She has a really relaxed personality, but she rarely gets items sent to her for free that she agrees to promote like these other vloggers do. I love that she always talks about shipping times in her videos and the process of checking out. She also talks about the price per gram of makeup which is something most don't think about, but I love that she does. She has gotten some backlash for speaking out against Jeffree Star (and all those who support him) as well as Kylie Cosmetics, Morphe, and a few other big brands. I like her. I think she is real and honest. She never holds back which I like. But she is still curt. She doesn't swear at them and attack their mothers or anything like that. I appreciate that she just sticks to facts. I just like her realness. I don't like every blogger.vlogger out there, but when they stoop to tantrums it is just ridiculous. I never have to worry about a tantrum with Stephanie. I am going to link Stephanie Nicole's you tube vlog here because I think she is awesome and I would love to give her any traffic I can. Check her channel out here.

That's it. That is all I am saying about these three. Do what you will with it. 

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