Friday, September 23, 2016

Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition - First Impressions

The Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition have not yet come out, but the buzz is there and it is loud! However I will not be buying. I am not boycotting all things Jeffree Star. While I am not his biggest fan, I remain impartial. I buy quality products, and unless a company is doing something super unethical, I will support them if they produce quality products. 

So why then won't I be buying (especially when they haven't even been released yet)? Well recently Jeffree did a You Tube video where he swatched and showed off his new shades (which are pretty much all hot pink btw), and hot pink is not my color! But there was one that caught my eye! It is described as a bright lavender and is called Popsicle Dream. His swatch video is below and you can see my favorite shade about 10 minutes in.

So WHY am I not buying? Fast forward this video to 13 minutes and 20 seconds in (13:20). Did? you hear that? Now keep watching (through 13:50)? Did you SEE THAT!? I am talking about the transfer and how low quality these lipsticks are! I am glad Jeffree isn't touting that they are kiss proof, at least he is upfront. But for me $18 for a lipstick that not only transfers THAT MUCH when you kiss, but also COMES OFF, is an issue for me. I am not just referring to the fact that you can see it all over his adorable boyfriend's face, but that it is no longer on his own lips. 

I wear A LOT of lipstick, I am a junkie. And do you know what doesn't transfer or come off like that? The Kylie Cosmetic Liquid Lips ($18 when bought not in a kit), as well as the Urban Decay lipsticks ($17), and the Honest Beauty Lip Crayon ($18), or the NYX Liquid Lingerie ($7). And a few products that will transfer or fade, but not THAT bad are the NYX Liquid Suede ($7), or the Wet N' Wild Mega Last Lip Color ($2)!

All I am saying is for $18 (plus shipping since you can not get it stores at all) it shouldn't be that bad! If you want a lipstick that comes off super fast buy a cheap $2 lipstick from your local drugstore, and if you get the $2 Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color it will be BETTER than what I am seeing here). I have used the Wet N Wild myself, (and while it isn't amazing, it works well for it's price and doesn't come off after only 5 kisses. I would know.

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