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By popular demand I am now doing BRAND BREAKDOWNS! Yay! This is where I talk about a brand, what I like or don't like about the company as a whole, as well as what their hero (and zero) products are. I am starting off with a popular brand that most people know called Bare Minerals.

About the Brand
The first thing I will mention is that the brand has two names, which I don't quiet understand, but it doesn't matter either. You can also find it as Bare Escentuals online. I have no idea why. This brand however is super accessible. Not only is it in almost every Sephora and Ulta, but you can also often find it at department stores (like Macy's, Nordstrom and Dillards) as well as in their independent bare Minerals stores and boutiques. All of their products are mineral based, which is nice as well.

Hero Products:So I have a few loves from this brand, and I am excited to share them with you. The first one that I adore is the Complexion Rescue foundation. I use this product (I am wearing it right now in fact) and it's amazing. I recommend it for dry skin, or for normal skin types that need light coverage. I use it when my acne isn't looking to bad but I need to even out skin tone. It is super hydrating, has SPF, and a little goes a very long way.

Another big favorite is their Original Mineral Foundation. I like the packaging because you can close the powder shaker so your compact isn't to full. It looks lightweight and natural, but it still gives coverage and is perfect for normal and oily skin types. It also gets big props for having a wide variety of shades and tones.

Another big fan favorite of mine is the Well Rested powder. It is perfect for "baking" (setting your under eyes to make them look bright and awake) as well as as a light highlighter. I have even used it as eye shadow a time or two. This leads me to the last hero product which to me is the Eye Shadow Compacts. They have four palettes that are always around that each have 8 super wearable shades of pressed eye shadows. I like these because they are pigmented and a really good deal for 8 shadows. You also get a brush with them and a good mixture of shimmer and matte shades. They have 4 neutral palettes with variations depending on your style (one is true nude, one has more grays and black, one with pink tones and one with greens in there)

Products I am Not a Fan of:I am not a fan of their makeup brushes. They aren't awful, but they are pricey, and for those prices you can get brushes from other brands that are a lot higher quality. I also don't love their lipsticks, they just aren't a very long wear.
I don't love their concealer pens, because they just aren't very long wearing, and I am also not a big fan of their lip glosses. I find their glosses kind of sticky and they don't last either. I actually have one of their limited edition glosses and I just don't use it because it is pretty sticky and i have to reapply it a lot.

More Details:
I truly love this brand as a whole. Right now you can shop online here and get 15% off your first purchase (yay!) You can snag one of their clearance items (I love the Beauty on The Go Eye Compact and the Mood Makers Eye Palette).

A few more items you may love (I have such a long list and I can't just not include them) are the setting powders, I really like their Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balms (tinted lip balm) and I am seriously in love with their Lasting Line Eyeliner (another time I am currently wearing).

What's your take? Do you love this brand? Whats your favorite Bare Minerals Steal!

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