Thursday, August 15, 2013

Let's Talk About Curly Hair

Curly Hair is different! It needs more moisture and more product to be controlled and mainatianed. Some of us straight haired gals can just get up in the morning and not touch our hair, but for frizzy haired folk it's a little different. Here are my tips and tricks for handling frizzy and curly hair!

1- Diffuse

If you have curly hair and you don't know what a diffuser is shame on you! A diffueser is an attachment for your blowdryer than diffuses the heat do it doesn't dry out your coarse hair. It promotes the curls and the seperatin of them, without creating frizz. The best diffuser is the Conair Universal Diffuser, because it fits on any blowdryer!

2- Product, Product, Product! 

The use of product is so important for people with thick and dry frizzy curls! Here are the products I use on my curly clients!

To seperate curls and give definition while controlling frizz I use TIGI BedHead Hook-Up Mousse Wax
It will define your curls without feeling crunchy! But if you like a little crunch TIGI BedHead Foxy Curls is the way to go!
If you are straightening your curls use a heat protectant. I usually recommend Iron SIlk by Redken but you'll need a little more strength to tame naturally frizzy curls. So instead I suggest Redken Iron Style 11. Trust me, you'll love it! It protects your hair from the heat, while smoothing out fly aways and its a spray starch so it act like a hairspray too!
Using a leave in Conditinoer is so important for you girls! So I recommend Redken Outshine polishing Milk. It's thick creamy formula is strong enough to withstand s=curls while giving them protection from breakage and damage!

***Thanks to Kelly, Anna, and Rachelle for asking this question***

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