Friday, April 4, 2014

Are Coconut, Olive and other Oils Good For Your Hair?

Currently it is very trendy to put olive, coconut, and other oils in your hair as a treatment. But is this actually good for your hair? The answer is sort of. Your scalp naturally secrets oils that condition and maintain your hair. Coconut, olive and argon oils all contain some of those things. The problem I have with this trend is while it does help a little bit, it really doesn't help as much as getting a high end or salon brand conditioner and putting that on your ends and scalp and letting it sit on your hair for 30 minutes. That conditioner has way more of the natural oils and healing agents that your hair needs, plus it is easier to wash out and probably smells better.

My recommended conditioners are easy to find on my Product Reviews blog, but here are a few links to my favorites!

My personal favorite: S Factor "Serious" Conditioner
and of course TIGI Urban Antidotes

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