Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Why I don't offer first impression reviews - I learned my lesson

MOST youtubers review based on first impressions - which I don't do. I did offer a first impressions of a popular name brand foundation once and a few days later gave a full review on it. But I simply don't do first impressions. Why? Because you can't trust them.

All a first impression does is tell you about the immediate application and immediate pigmentation of a product. It doesn't tell you about the wear of said product, the ingredients, the reaction your skin has to it, how it lasts throughout the day, if the colors oxidize, nothing. So I don't want my immediate first impressions to persuade people to run out and buy things that end up being horrible for your skin.

So how did I learn my lesson? Well a few days ago I posted a first impression video for the new Flower Beauty line. As you all know, when it comes to foundation and makeup I never review anything I haven't worn for 5 days. But I had high hopes for the Flower Beauty line. Especially once I applied it. It stayed on all day and looked amazing, the application was awesome and I did a quick once-over of the ingredients and I didn't see any of the 8 super bad and common ingredients in foundation that I look out for. I was stoked - hoping I had just found a $13 holy grail foundation to replace by $60 one.

 Boy was I wrong! I hope that no one ran out to purchase their Flower Beauty product because my face broke out like it never has before.  I literally have never had so much acne in my life, after 4 days of wearing this. I wanted to know WHY, what was causing the acne, because I didn't see my worst ingredients on there.

First of all - I was wrong. There are three types of silicone in this product, all of which I missed in my quick once over. *face palm* But I had to find more, so researched each individual ingredient to find there are not one, not two, but SIX comedogenic ingredients in this! SIX! One of which is labeled as "highly comedogenic". For those who aren't aware an ingredient that is comedogenic means that the ingredient will settle into and clog pores.

So I've learned my lesson - no more first impression videos. But I will do more future tutorials.

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