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Let's Be Honest About Tyra Beauty Products

Tyra Banks. She is seriously one of my idols! So when I heard she was coming out with a fierce new direct sales company called Tyra Beauty I was SO excited! I signed up immediately and was chosen from thousands of applicants to be one of the first 200 representatives of the brand. Currently the situation is that they aren't doing a "full launch" where anyone can sign up and sale until the late fall. BUT if you'd like to sign up under a current rep (like me) you can start selling today! However I have to be honest about this companies products. After a lot of testing and debating I am ready to share my honest feelings.

I do not sell products I do not like. I don't believe in it. One of the reasons I gave up the freedom of working in an independent salon to work for a corporate one is because the salon I work at sells over 100 hair care brands alone, so I really get to pick and choose what I recommend and sell from the best! I used to sell Mary Kay. I still do technically however if someone asks to buy a Mary Kay eye shadow I say "You know I really don't recommend these. They aren't long lasting and are so expensive. I can hook you up if you really want one, but I a recommend ____ instead." I only sell the few things by them that I absolutely love! (if you haven't tried their eye makeup remover yet, you really should!)

Tyra Beauty has a few products that are truly amazing. One of my favorites is the revolutionary Sculpt & Light in a stick products. These products were made to create the perfect contoured cheekbone with little effort. You don't have to be a makeup artist or spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to use these products! They are creamy, blendable and one shade can give you tons of different looks!

However their cheek in a stick, not so much. It doesn't do anything for Caucasian skin. If you have darker skin it gives a light flushed look, but for fair skinned folks it does nothing. Then you have the Eyes In A Stick, which I love, but there are only 2 colors and I hate one of them. The Brown (Once You Go Brown) is amazing. It makes it easy to get a smoky look. But the Black/Gold (Blold) is a sparkly dark gray mess.

So now for my next favorite product! Oops Liner. This stuff is revolutionary! You can see how it works in the chart to the left, and it seriously rocks. It does all it says it does. It is something that I feel like we will see several knock offs of in the near future. Unlike other "liquid liner removal pens" this remover is formulated specifically for the Oops Liners formula so it is more effective and easy to use. However I have a serious problem with their other eyeliner option. It is called Line 'Em. This Eyeliner has a black kohl liner on one side and a nude cream color on the other. Not only is this one not water, tear or smudge resistant at all, but the two formulas are of the same consistency, so they mix and create a dull gray mess.

What Lipstick
And their lipsticks... they are okay but they are just not worth the money. They have two kinds of lipsticks which each come in a pink and red shade. What Lipstick is supposed to be Matte, but it is more of a shiny and more-sheer color, and it comes in the shades Ask for A Raise (berry red) and Younger Man (nude rose). Then you have the Lip Model shades. These are super shiny metallic shades that in my opinion are just too much. I suppose if you like super outrageous makeup they are okay, but I don't. They come in the shades What It Takes (fuchsia with silver sparkles) and Hater Blocker (red with gold glitter). While these have fun names neither of the lipsticks are long lasting. You have to reapply at least once every two hours. And for $24+ I expect better.

Now for my last favorite two products! Smack My Fat Lash Mascara and Stick With Me Spritz. This mascara is amazing. Seriously. I have tested a lot of mascaras. This gives you volume without clump and length and curl and awesomeness. I am an addict. Anytime I test a new mascara now I am seriously hesitant and always disappointed. This stuff is AMAZING! Then you have their Stick With Me Spritz setting spray. I have been waiting for this product. It smells good, it hydrates, it is safe for sensitive skin, and it is effective. Most setting sprays either moisturize or set your makeup. They all say they do both, but they don't. This one does both for reals! I LOVE it!

EDIT: I also have to put this out there, because I want to support brands that do good in the world. Tyra Beauty was launched as a MLM. Tyra Bnks said she wanted to help women be empowered and earn income and be bosses, and take control of their life. She cited her mother's journey in an abusive relationship where she stayed for a long time because she couldn't afford to get out, and Tyra said she wanted to help women like her mother become independent. I was actually selected as one of the first 200 reps for this company, but left fairly early on as I was not a fan of the way the company was run, and I felt the products weren't worth their price points. However many women endured some of the bumps along the way and I always said "in 10 years, it'll be a great business to jump into I am sure". Well they announced the other day that they will no longer be doing direct sales and are closing the door on all of the women who have worked very hard to build this company up. They will continue selling and promoting the brand, but will no longer be an MLM. Tyra also imparted that she never wanted it to be Direct Sales in the first place (what happened to that vision you said you had, that dream?) and only did it because her business consultant said it would be more profitable. They spent MONTHS telling these women that nothing was going on, there was no consideration or talk of closing the doors to direct sales. They said that there was nothing to worry about DAYS before the press release that announced they were closing that door. They didn't tell a single one of their consultants BEFORE they told the world. Take it for what you will, but to me the integrity of a company matters.

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