Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Can I Control My Fly-Aways without making my Hair Look Greasy?

In order to answer this question first I need to explain what fly-aways are. They are damaged pieces of hair. The cuticle (which is the protective outer layer of the hair strand) has been opened making the individual hair strand lighter, and more attracted to static than the other strands. So the best way to control these pesky fly-aways is by taking really good care of your hair. I have three recommendations for those who have trouble with fly-aways.

1- Blow Dry Differently
If you blow dry your hair, blow dry it with heat (like normal). But then after you are done use the cool setting (most blow dryers have a cool shot button) on your hair. Heat opens the cuticle layer and causes damage. If you use the cool shot button it will close the cuticle layer. AND for extra fly-away resistance point the nozzle of your blow dryer down (so it's pointing towards the floor or ends of your hair) when doing this it closes the cuticle in a more smooth and compact manner allowing for more shine and less frizz.

2 - Use Heat Protectant
If you use a thermal Straightener or curling iron on your hair use heat protectant! I can not stress enough how important heat protectant is for your hair! My favorite is Redken Iron Silk. It's lightweight, smells fantastic, and has great hold!

3 - Use a Smoothing Serum
A smoothing serum is not a leave in conditioner. It serves the purpose of smoothing down fly-aways and maintaining control, but without feeling heavy. I suggest Redken Align for people with medium or thick hair, or people with dry and very damaged hair. It is a polishing milk that comes out of a pump. It allows for a lot of control and smoothing and a little goes a VERY long way! For people with thin, fine or oily hair I suggest Redken  Sheer Straight. This allows for a lot of control but is more lightweight than Align. Align also has some conditioning properties that Sheer Straight doesn't (which is better for those with oily hair)!
The first two suggestions are about conditioning and protecting your hair. The more you do these two things the less fly-aways you'll have thus the less smoothing serum you'll need.
If at first you still feel oily while using the smoothing serums, try using dry shampoo. It can be hard to find a good dry shampoo and they can be pretty pricey, so what I do is use baby powder! It works like a charm! And if you have dark hair add some cocoa powder to the baby powder to darken it. Sprinkle the mixture along your hairline and at your part. Then rub it in with the pads of your finger tips. If you need more, you can use it, just try to keep it on the roots of your hair.

If you have curly hair consider using a mousse wax. TIGI BedHead Hook-Up Mousse Wax, dispenses foamy (like a mousse) and dries light (like a wax). It will not leave your hair feeling crunchy! 

Here are some links to buy the product suggested above online direct from Redken and TIGI! Or you can find these buys at a salon near you! 

***Thanks to Annette for asking this question!***

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