Friday, April 5, 2019

Lashlifting, here's what you need to know

I have heard so much about lash lifting and I wanted to do a super comprehensive post about it. Your one stop to getting all your questions answered. I actually took the time
to learn how to perform this service and began offering in the salon so that I could get a good feel of what problems might arise, what it is and how it works. Hopefully I can get all these questions answered for you!

Lash Lift and Tint Service done by Tibi Brimhall 
at Just Your Style in Spanish Fork, Utah 
What does a Lash Lift Do? 
Simply put, it chemically alters the hair on your lashes to give them a lifted and fully curled look.

Who Would Benefit from a Lash Lift? 
If you have stick straight lashes this is for you for sure. I also think it's great for people who want to enhance their lashes but don't have the time, money or like the maintenance of lash extensions. If you are a makeup lover, this is for you too. My favorite part of having a lash lift is that my mascara routine included two different kinds of mascara layered on after curling my lashes. Often this resulted in crumbles under my eyes as the layers flaked off throughout the day. Now I swipe on one layer of mascara and I am ready to go. And less mascara means no crumbling or flaking.

What is the Process Like? 
Using a super gentle water soluble glue a dome shaped rod is placed on your closed eyelid. Your lashes are adhered to it, and then the stylist will apply two solutions, one at a time, to process the hairs to help them keep their new shape. After removing the solutions your lashes are freed from the rod and the rod is removed. Your stylist should then do a thorough wipe down of the eye area.

Lash Lift and Tint done by Angela Woodward
at Just Your Style Salon in Spanish Fork, Utah
Does it Hurt? 
Absolutely not!  Just the fact that my eyes were being played with and I couldn't open them even though I really wanted to, kind of gave me a phantom itch. But there was no burning, scraping or pulling that happened.

 How Often will I need to Get Them Redone? 
The effect are permanent but your eyelashes naturally fall out. So as they all out, and new ones grow in, you will want to get your lashes relifted. It is recommended you do not do this procedure more than once every 6 weeks. But 8-10 weeks is normal.

What Should I Know Before my Appointment? 
Do not wear contacts, make sure you have 100% of your eye makeup removed when you get there, and be prepared to keep your eyes moisture free for 24 hours. You also can not wear eye makeup for 24 hours. So be sure to give yourself a couple days in between your service and any big events. You also can't shower or be in humidity for 24 hours, so prep for that.

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