Thursday, September 20, 2018

REVIEW: Sie Bella Eyeshadow

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Variety - 5 (excellent)
Pigmentation - 5 (excellent)
Fallout - 5 (excellent)
Wear - 5 (excellent) 

I got a bunch of Sei Bella skin care and makeup and I expected it to suck. For those of you who don't know Sei Bella is the beauty brand from Melaleuca, which is a multi-level marketing company. I want to start by saying that I am not trying to sign anyone up under me and I will not be making any sales, commissions or money from people who buy using my links here. I don't even have my own account (I purchase using my mother in law's account because I am lazy) and I highly recommend you go on social media and see if anyone you know buys Melaleuca and buy through them so you can help support your friends and family. But now back to the makeup. I expected based on the nature of the company that this wasn't going to blow my mind. Often MLMs do okay with skin care, but I haven't been blown away by most of their makeup, specifically eye shadow. I was pleasantly surprised by this though. Now let me break down the ratings for you. 

The packaging is small, sleek and sturdy. An individual eye shadow comes in a small clear plastic casing that is very sturdy. It is easy to depot using a flat iron and wax paper, and the metal tin is magnetic on it's own. These shadows come in 35 shades including matte, shimmer and satin finishes. 

Now for the actual performance of the shadows, I was super impressed by pigmentation. I didn't get hardly any fallout or have to use very much product to get an impactful color payout. The formula was smooth and silky (even on glittery finishes) and the color stayed in place (with primer of course). These have become my go-tos honestly. I have a little metal palette that I keep my every day highlight, contour, blush and shadows in. I literally depotted all of these and replaced all the ones in my every day palette, because I like these better. A few brands they replaced were my Rosette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which was replaced by Vintage Rose from Sei Bella, and my Kylie Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Sandy (which I had from a palette I had purchased) was replaced with the Sei Bella Shade Cashew.

I am linking you to a spot to purchase these. You can purchase the singles here or you can purchase the duos here.  You can purchase these at their wholesale or become a member and get the member discount. Becoming a member requires a membership fee (like costco) but it's only $20 or $25 a year, which I get back three times just in member savings from the things I buy from them. Just for those that are curious click here for a look at Melaluca, being a member, how to do that and what that entails. 

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  1. Sei Bella is outstanding, best skincare & cosmetics out there - but Melaleuca is NOT an MLM, it's a shopping club where people enroll just like at Costco, selling is strictly forbidden. Just FYI


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