Thursday, August 16, 2018

Why you may want to find a stylist using Matrix SoColor Cult for your next fashion color.

As a stylist when a new brand or product line emerges, I LOVE being able to learn all about it. I love it when trends change because I feel it allows for more innovation in the technologies and supplies that are available. New products and technologies are typically born out of a need. So the newest innovation? Matrix SoColor Cult.

Obviously this is super exciting for us stylists, but why do you care as a client? You guys this means so many wonderful things for any of you who want or love fashion shades!Here are some differences you can expect when you switch to a stylist who uses the SoColor Cult line!

1- Longer Lasting Vivids
Does it always make you sad inside when three washes after you have gotten you $150+ mermaid hair done, it's faded so much? Fashion color is EXPENSIVE, because the process is intense. But for something that costs so much, it fades so quickly. For those who like to change it up often, SoColor Cult still comes in semi-permanent shades. BUT if you love your signature look and want to rock it for longer, we now have demi-permanent and permanent shades. I know you'll be in love. It means a longer return on your investment, fewer touch ups, and more money in your pocket.

2- Tone on Tone Fading
It's no secret, fashion colors fade. The worst part is what they fade to? For every unicorn hair junkie out there you've seen what happens when blue hair fades - it turns green. But the SoColor Cult is better, it is made to fade on tone every single time.

3- How about them Neons!
 The Neon shades in this line are INSANE. And what's better is they GLOW IN BLACK LIGHT! And I dont't mean they glow green in black light the day you get them. I mean a week later they grow on tone in black light, blue, green, red, yellow! So fun!

4- They Deposit more Evenly
It's not uncommon to go in for a full head of royal blue, and leave with a few patches that are more yellow, or slightly darker. Getting vivid shades to deposit evenly is really difficult. But the Matrix SoColor Cult have a color balancing pre-toning technology that helps your next rainbow hair look come out smooth and balanced. Your look will come to life when it isn't interrupted by spots where the color didn't pull right.

5- It Takes Less Time
Remember that color balancing pre-toning technology I just mentioned? It is amazing. It eliminates the need for your stylists to tone your hair before they put on your fashion color, which means that is a full step removed, and time saved! These colors take SO MUCH TIME and anything to save a little time is so worth it, right?

I will hopefully be uploading a fashion shade of my own using SoColor Cult soon! Tell me what you are most excited about for this line, and what you do or don't love about the mermaid hair trend? And for all my Utah readers, you bet that we are carrying SoColor Cult at Just Your Style Salon. Click here to see more pictures of my salon work, and click here to find out how to book an appointment to see me.

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