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What's the difference between Joico Color Balance and Joico Color Endure Violet shampoos?

Recently Joico came out with a second purple shampoo. They have had their Color Endurance Shampoo for a while. Their color balance series came out in the last few years. It used to have a blue, red, copper and purple option. On their website there is no mention of anything but the blue and purple choices now, which makes me think the others aren't around anymore. I have had a few people write to me asking what the difference is between the two and which they should get.

 The Joico Color Endure Violet is a thicker formula that is super hydrating and sulfate free. It has some weight to it, which creates a sleek, shiny and frizz free finish.  It also deposits some violet toning color, but is made for consistent use. It also has UV protection in it that fights fading for all hair types and colors. The conditioner that accompanies it is my favorite part. Usually purple conditioners are a very light pastel purple, this one is not. It is still a rich toning purple, which makes for hydrated, cool toned and happy hair.

One the other side you have the Joico Color Balance purple shampoo. The biggest difference with this shampoo is it does have sulfate in it, so it is lighter weight and a little more drying. Those sulfates lift the cuticle a little more which also means it tones a little more powerfully.

So which one is right for you? 

I have made a little chart below to kind of depict which one is best for various needs. I would go with which ever option fits more of your personal needs.

Color Endure:
  • If you have porous or extremely damaged/brittle hair
  • If your hair soaks up color
  • If your hair is super dry
  • If your hair is thick, coarse and frizzy

Color Balance:

  • If your hair is fairly healthy
  • If your hair is resistant to toners and purple shampoos
  • If your hair is moisturized and can handle a little sulfate
  • If your hair is fine, oily or in need of volume

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♥♥♥ thanks to Candace for reading my blog and sending in this question ♥♥♥


  1. Candace Hollins-HansenJuly 13, 2018 at 4:55 AM

    Thank you Angela!! Your so sweet!! ❤️ And thank you again for all the info!! Your the best! ❤️

    1. I'm happy to help! Thank you for reading and for writing in with your question!

  2. Thank you for this summary! I wanted to share my experience between the two. Sorry it’s kind of long! My hair is very long, thin, oily, straight, and bleached all over. First I tried and used a full liter of the color endure shampoo. Next I tried and used a full liter of the color balance shampoo. So I’ve gotten to use them both long term. I also don’t switch up my shampoo, I only use the same violet shampoo each time I wash, 1-2x/week. While I, like most, prefer the lathering action of a sulfate-containing shampoo (color balance), I think both formulations are equally effective in their cleaning abilities. For the non-sulfate one (color endure), it just takes a bit more time and product to get it completely worked into the hair. That’s the only difference I’ve personally noticed between the shampoos. Otherwise to my eyes and touch they’re equal in toning ability and are both kind of drying, as violet shampoos always are! Perhaps the color balance dries the hair out a little more. It looks like the color endure has conditioning ingredients (Polyquaternium-10 and Polyquaternium-7), which color balance does not. But the color endure also has propylene glycol which has kind of high potential to cause scalp irritation and allergic reactions. The color balance does not contain this irritant. So it’s kind of a trade off in risking the scalp irritant in the color endure or the more extreme oil stripping action to the hair from sulfates in color balance. I personally didn’t have any reaction to the propylene glycol. I still can’t decide which one I like better even after all that, haha! Again, I do prefer the lathering action of the color balance, but I think I’ll go back to the color endure and try a shampoo massaging brush to help work it into the hair. Joico overall is less drying than other brands of violet shampoo and it’s color is effective! I like your point as to why the sulfate containing color balance would deposit the violet color better, very interesting. I’m considering trying one of their two violet conditioners. But now I’m in a conundrum again between which one of those I should try :)
    Thanks again for your post as I feel there’s not a lot of info comparing these two violet shampoos!

    1. Thank you for your comment! Your first hand experience adds value to my readers and I appreciate you sharing.

    2. You're review is extremely helpful as I have the same hair type. I have only used the Color Balance, but I can offer you some things to consider when selecting a conditioner. I too have long, fine, oily and straight hair. Personally, I like that the Color Balance shampoo is a little drying. I'm able to go longer in between washes as a result. That said the shampoo alone leaves my hair extremely tangled. This is where the Color Balance conditioner makes a huge impact for me. It's a lightweight conditioner that instantly softens my hair, making it easy to comb through and without any greasy residue left behind.


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