Monday, July 16, 2018

REVIEW: Hanalei Papaya Enzyme Powder Cleanser

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 4 (very good)
Ease of Use - 3 (average)
Cleansing - 5 (excellent)
Hydration - 4 (very good)
I am super excited to share this review with you! I have been loving this cleanser for the last little while, and even feature it recently on my post  Travel Beauty Tips. So I am just going to dive right into it. I know a lot of you are probably surprised by my 5 star rating for the packaging. The simple with plastic container isn't usually my thing - and it's still not. I am unimpressed by the classic bottle, however it is sleek and functional, it is to plain and has a vibe like it's provided by a hotel. But one thing I love about this product is you can purchase it in pre-portioned packets that are super convenient for your emergency "stayed the night" kit, your boyfriends place, or your next vacation. These packets and super cute and come in a sturdy blue container for storage. I went ahead and posted a picture of that to the right (although the lid to the container is not pictured). 

This is almost fragrance free, but what is there is pretty good. It's a little on the powdery side, but it is light enough hat I don't mind it. It has a faint papaya-tropical twist too that I like. My skin definitely got clean using it and it did remove my makeup and brow products for sure. My skin also didn't instantly dry out, which is common for me. I don't feel like it hydrated my skin, but it did protect it from getting drier. 

This cleanser is actually a powder that you shake into your hands and add water, and then rub together until it foams before applying. The thing I don't like about it is I feel that there is a lot of waste. You cant really emulsify it in your fingers because it all slides through the cracks. But after emulsifying it in your palms you can't really massage it in using your palms. It's a little messy, but there is enough powder in each that if you use the full amount in your hands it works out. To me the real dynamite thing abut this product is it's travel convenience and not it's value as a every-day option.

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