Thursday, July 19, 2018

About those Pinterest photos....

As a hair and makeup artist, I see pictures of hair and makeup from Pinterest ALL THE TIME. I love inspiration photos, because they are a really good way to communicate exactly what colors, shades or placements you'd like. But there are some issues with these photos as well. Try to keep the following things in mind next time you step into a salon for your hair or makeup appointment.

1- You are not the person in the photo

clearly. You know that's not you right? If you show me a photo of someone with super thick and long hair, but you hair fine shoulder length hair, it's not going to look the same. try to remember that we can teach you style your hair for fullness, but that unless you'd like extensions, it won't change your hair. Likewise, no amount of wearable contouring will make you look like a different human. There are all these crazy transformation videos out there, and they are GREAT, but they aren't wearable. Makeup should accentuate your look and maybe minimize problem areas, but if you have a square jawline and you bring me a picture of Kim K, you aren't going to look just like her in the end. You will have a similar look, but you will need a nose job, botox and jaw shave in order to look just like her (which by the way she needed two of those things to look like her too).


I also get people who bring in celebrity pictures all the time, hoping that this haircut or color would some how make them look different and more like Jennifer Anniston or whoever. The truth is, you have to love you. Hair and makeup should be fun. I love this stuff and I believe in self care. But they aren't everything. If you find that no one can ever get your cut to look like the person in the picture's, you should consider if you actually just want to look like the person, and already have the cut. Then work on loving you and your features, because we are all beautiful and unique in our own ways. And thanks to Tanya Hennesy for this wonderful clip, it is SO TRUE.

Also keep in mind that if you show me a picture with curl hair, you will have to curl your hair to get it to look identical. A haircut doesn't change texture or growth pattern.

2- You have no idea how long this took or how much it cost

A lot of people come in with magazine worthy looks, and want it for $50 in less than 2 hours. In reality a lot of these celebs see their stylists every week for a month to get the look they want and spend thousands. Even a Kardashian can't change science.

Listen to your stylist. I am not in the business of ruining hair. I have heard it all before. Saying "My friend's hair dresser did that" does not change the fact that I won't do that. Your friends hair may have been different than yours, and maybe her hair dresser didn't care about the hairs health as much as I do. But I care, a lot. So go see them, instead of me.

LISTEN to your stylist here people. Prices are non negotiable. And if your stylists says they can't do something, or that it will take multiple sessions, listen to them. If you pressure them into something they aren't comfortable with, your results won't be pretty.

3- Pinterest Photos are edited 90% of the time

Here is a favorite example of that, it's a picture of some hair coloring done by the incredible Rebecca Taylor (@rebeccataylorhair on Instagram). You can see in one picture it is more vibrant and fluid, and the other is also gorgeous, but different. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make your hair look like the picture on the left. That's hair filtered and blurry. You can get vibrance for sure, but not blurry.

This next one has and edited color that is less than attainable.

Just be realistic you guys. That's all this boils down to. We can not make you look exactly like the person in the pictures, and your hair may not lay exactly like theirs with or without styling. Be mindful of photo shop and realistic about your hair. But most importantly hair is FUN. It also grows back and can be changed. So have fun with your hair but don't get crazy about your hair looking exactly like you are imagining. If you become so heartbroken you feel ashamed or disgusted because your hair isn't "perfect" you should consider talking to a therapist about the deeper issues that lie there. Therapy is awesome, and so is hair and life ♥

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