Saturday, May 26, 2018

What's the difference between translucent, finishing and setting powders?

Setting and finishing powder are very similar, but not quite the same.

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian
Clay Tinted Pressed Setting Powder
Setting Powders are typically a little heavier than a finishing powder. While setting powder can be translucent, it is typically tinted to match your skin tone. Setting powders are formulated to work with your foundation to help prevent it from rubbing off, creasing or moving throughout the day. They are also used to prevent shine and control oil. Setting powders are often used on their own instead of foundation because they tend to be lighter and more natural looking, and are also typically used for touch ups throughout the day. Setting Powders are also what is commonly used for baking.

ItCosmetics Bye Bye Pores
Poreless Airbrush Finishing Powder
Finishing Powder is made to be your very last step. It goes on top of setting powder and all of your other makeup. Finishing powder is incredibly fine and smooth. It blurs fine lines and wrinkles, smooths pores and gives you a flawless finish. It's not necessary for your every day routine but is commonly used by makeup artists and at home for special occasions and photo shoots. Finishing powder is typically translucent but maybe lightly tinted. It does not have much coverage (if it has any at all). It is often referred to as a translucent powder.

So that's it, it really is that simple. But this wouldn't be one of my blog posts without some product recommendations. So here are some of my absolute favorite setting and finishing powders.

Temptu Invisible difference Finishing Powder $35
this is what I use in my pro kit. A little goes a long way and it really gives that beautiful and seamless look. It comes in a loose powder container with a twist off lid that you can dip your brush directly into. (pictured on the left)

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Tinted Pressed Setting Powder $34
This is a solid setting powder. It is lightly tinted, in a compact (which make it's ideal for on-the-go use) and it has a light amount of coverage. The clay infused in it helps to control oils and set your look for all day wear. (pictured to the left of the setting powder description up above)

Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder $22.50
this is a famous and well known finishing powder with a silky micro soft finish and light weight texture.  because it is so infamous I had to include it although I must admit this isn't one of my favorites because I do feel it is warm (which I don't always want) and you have to shake product out of the container which can get messy and cause waste. (pictured to the right)

Kett Cosmetics Kett Sett Pressed Setting Powder $22
This finishing powder comes in a compact or in a loose container. It's a simple and straight forward setting powder that is only in a translucent shade and pros swear by it. It's free of mica and is perfect for in front of the camera scenarios.(pictured on the left)

ItCosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder $24
the ItCosmetics finishing powder comes in a pressed and loose version. It is soft and silky to the touch and definitely gives that airbrushed look. It is formulated with skin-loving ingredients such as silk, hydrolyzed collagen, and antioxidants. (pictured above on the right by the finishing powder spiel)

Becca Cosmetics Hydramist Set and Refresh Setting Powder $38
for a loose setting powder I chose this one. It's light weight but has some coverage and does exactly what'd you hope it would. It somehow controls shine without drying out your skin and is a dynamite option for people who like a natural finish or who struggle with dry skin. (pictured on the right)

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