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About that Tonya Hennessy Video....

I love Tonya Hennessy. She is a YouTube comedian who is known for being real and imperfect. Back in December she posted the video "Thoughts All Hairdressers Have" and since I have gotten a few questions about it. I've had clients and readers alike ask if I actually have all these thoughts. I was a little bummed by this video for one reason in particular. A LOT of people said they didn't trust their stylist anymore and that now they KNEW we were judging them. I would like to start by saying this - we have hard jobs. We work directly with the public and it's emotionally, physically and mentally taxing to do what we do. Sometimes people do things that are inconsiderate and it's normal to have a little inner rage at it (I think...). Cut us a break! We LOVE our clients more than anything! I am posting the video below and you can watch it. Then I am going to go through each "thought" and be real with you all if I have ever had it and my feelings on it.

1- "Katherine you said 'do whatever' and I've done whatever and you're unhappy, and I told you that you'd be unhappy so you will live with that. And also you're going to pay extra today because you were a real bitch today and also you drank my water." 

WOWZA. I am not a fan of this opening statement at all for so many reasons. I will start out by saying that people say to me all the time "I trust you, do whatever you want" and I hate it. Especially when it's someone who I've just met. I don't know you! And likely if I just "do whatever" you WONT be happy. But that's why a good stylist  never just "does whatever".

Story time! My friend cam into town with a super damaged and dry and grown out ombre. She told me to "do whatever". I thought, if I could REALLY do what I wanted, I'd give her a super cute textured chin length fire-red coppery bob. It would have looked amazing with her blue eyes and fair skin. But I didn't. I started by posing the red and she was super apprehensive. But she didn't want highlights and she didn't want to loos much length.... So her "do whatever" turned into a trim and we retouched her balayage. I am so glad, that even with my best friend of 14 years, I didn't just "do whatever". I get the frustration of feeling like you can't make a clients happy when they wouldn't give you any direction at all.

But I have also NEVER charged someone extra for being a bitch, or for drinking my water. I literally have water at the salon FOR clients. And while I wouldn't charge someone extra because they were difficult to work with, I am not inclined to cut them a deal or give them a special.

2- Montana back in my day we would sweep the floor well

I can't tell if she is insinuating that we are grammar Nazi's, or of she is talking to an assistant who is doing a poor job sweeping the floor...? I have no idea what she is actually going on about here.  

3- Tell me that story now that I am turning on my blow dryer... 

I don't do this. I actively try not to do this, because I like to get to know my clients and to learn about their lives and their stories. I make it a point to actually take notes about my new clients and their stories or upcoming trips so I can bring it up again in the second appointment. Sometimes people talk so quietly I can't hear them without the dryer on, and sometimes they talk through the dryer and I can't stop them. But I don't intentionally use the dryer to tune them out.  

4- No one likes your bangs

I have had a real love/hate with this one. I get the whole "you wanted this, I said you shouldn't, you did it and here we are" concept, but I am a very "it's just hair, it will grow back" kind of person. Maybe I feel personally attacked by this because I go through the cycle of cutting straight across bangs and loathing them as I grow them into side swept and then out to no bangs and then I cut them back again... If you want bangs, screw your stylist. Have her cut them bangs! They DO grow back after all. 

5- It wasn't traffic that made you late because here you are with your coffee...

I get this one. If a client is five minutes late it's not a big deal. But when a client strolls in 30+ minutes late and has a coffee in hand it is so frustrating because the time it took them to go to Starbucks was likely a 10 minute venture, and that 10 minutes was precious to me! We don't make hourly, so every minute of our time you waste is a major loss to us. At least bring us a drink too 😉

6- Consultations Over the Phone

Please don't make us do these. PLEASE DON'T MAKE US DO THESE. They are awful. It is so hard to tell you how much product I will need and what steps I will have to take to get you where I think you may want go without having seen you, your hair or pictures. I can give you my base starting prices and that's it over the phone. Son't ask me a max price, I don't have one. Just come in. 

7- I have had 15 coffees because I can't leave to get any food

This is me, every.single.Saturday. All of them. Most stylists are independent contractors and are not entitled to regular lunch breaks. And even if you are, you don't make money if you don't do hair so food, or money? I always choose money. I regularly go whole days without food. I have literally left the salon to go get food to have my name called out half way across the parking lot to come do a walk in haircut before. I am not kidding. That happened like a month ago. But I don't drink coffee so I just starve.

8- Your hair grows, it didn't fade at the roots

I resonate with this one. I can't tell you how many times people call in complaining that their hair has faded at the roots in just 6-8 weeks. 😐 that's what happens, you're hair has grown. I literally tell people this at least twice a week. It's crazy. 

9 - The cheap walk in

I love walk-ins. That's how a new stylists builds their clientele. But if you walk into a salon (especially for a color service) you are the one that needs to understand we may not have the time to accommodate you. That's how it goes. OH, and don't tell us your price. We will inform you of our prices and if they are to high go somewhere else. It is so rude to walk into a salon and demand a full service with a short wait and a low price point and then to act indigent when we tell you our rates or tell you you'll need to come back or recommend appointment slots. It's not our fault you didn't plan ahead.

10 - the orange phase

When going form black to blonde there is usually an orange phase, and a lot of clients say they are okay with it and understand, until their hair orange and they hate it and demand you "fix it" immediately and write you a bad review. It's so annoying. Don't do it. Just stop. Don't be that person. 

11- Get me 45 big macs because I've been standing for 15 hours and I am starving and it's Christmas

while I'm not sure I've ever wanted to stab people, it's true that while Christmas is a time of year most spend more time with their families and at company parties, most stylists make 3 months worth of income during December. We have extended hours, full lobbies, and it's like every day is a Saturday (see #7). Be nice to your stylist at Christmas you guys. It's a hard time for us. 

12- Stop Moving

This whole video could have just been clients moving and I would have been satisfied. Taking selfies, texting, touching your hair or neck, stretching, looking down - all of these things mess up your haircut. Yes, it's boring. But if you will sit still with your arms and legs uncrossed for a solid 10 minutes your cut will likely be done. Instagram can wait. And when you are at the shampoo bowl, let us support your head. Don't move unless we ask you to. It's for everyone's own good. 

13 - The Favorite Client 

It's true. If you want to be the favorite client bring me food and beverages. I will love you forever and ever. 

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