Wednesday, February 7, 2018

REVIEW: Lilla Rose Bobbies

Style Options: 5 (excellent)
Hold: 6 (incredible) 

I am just as surprised as you are that I am reviewing bobby pins on my blog. I mean they are bobby pins! right? But these are not your average bobby pin. Lilla Rose is a Direct Sales brand that makes hair accessories. As you may know from reading my blog I love to support direct sales and those who have the hustle to work with them and make a living for their families. I also love to support local businesses and small business owners. I will do a little disclaimer that I do not sell Lilla Rose and I will not make any money or get any kickbacks/rewards from people who buy from links on here. 

I tried a few things from Lilla Rose and you will likely hear my opinions on the other items as I use them more and more. However the first thing I tried were the "bobbies". These come in a bunch of cute styles, from classic plain pins, to funky and vintage styles (Harvest Blue or Emerald Joy), simple chic patterns (Arrow or Open Leaves), elegant/bridal styles (Perla or Golden Stoneset) or even cutesy looks (Butterfly and The Garden Collection). They have over 80 different designs on their pins! So you can really find something that you will love, or go with a classic pin. 

These aren't you're average pack of 60 bobbypins that you loose a million of every year. These pins are large, they are strong and they are tight! I have a specific hairstyle I like to do when I wake up late. Because my hair is curly when I wake up often half of it looks really pretty and curly and the other half is flat and yucky. So I take the yucky half and I slick it back and pin it so it's the half of my head with the pretty hair, very Kristen Stewart Red Carpet (pictured on the right). When I do this look I have to usually do 5-8 bobbypins in my hair. I cross them in X shapes and then throw in a few more for good measure. Throughout the day I usually have to take them out and put them all back in, or readjust a few over and over. I wore my hair like this with only TWO of the Bobbies for an 8 hour shift, in the salon, on a Saturday, and I didn't touch my hair once! It was a MIRACLE. 

I thought it was a fluke but I have consistently had to use less pins with these things, and I get a lot of compliments on the fun styles. I am loving them and I have just purchased a bunch more! You can see all of the styles of Bobbies, on the Lilla Rose website right here.

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