Thursday, October 12, 2017

Calling All Readers!

Hello to all my wonderful readers from all over the world! I am going to start with an apology - I have been MIA all October! This is because my little sister got married, so I had a lot of friends and family in town that I was spending time with. I took a week off of work and did my best to spend that time enjoying the company of my loved ones. I grew up in a small town in California and moved to a different state when I was in middle school. The only friend I kept in contact with was a friend I made in the 4th grade named Kaylee. She came out and I spent the week with her (I hadn't seen her in almost 5 years!) and I enjoyed every moment so much I didn't take hardly any pictures!

If you do not follow me on Instagram - you should. You can follow me by clicking here or looking me up on Instagram with the handle @AngelaWoodwardC. If you do follow me you would have seen me transform my besties hair last week, as well as the matching tattoos we got, and that I announced a move to a new salon! It was clearly an eventful week for me.

So now that I've explained my long absence I wanted to call upon you all, to ask you what you want form this blog. I want Beauty Blog by Angela to be what you want it to be! So do you want more health updates? More recipes? Less of those things? More lipstick? More brand battles? What do you think? What products do you want me to try out? Do you have any specific questions? Let me know in the comments, or you can message me using the contact form on the right hand side of the page (the form does not show up on mobile devices)!

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Thank you for reading and then commenting on my post! I appreciate your support and I hope my blog has been helpful to you! Let me know if you have any beauty related questions or products you'd like reviewed by sending me a message using the contact form on the right (which can not be seen on mobile devices).
-Angela ♥