Thursday, September 28, 2017

Addressing the Problem with Salad Dressing

This is a common struggle for many people trying to stay fit. Salads. They are the universal "healthy" food right? But anyone actually paying attention to calories and nutrition knows that salads have a major drawback - the dressing. Without it your salad is often dry and lacks a unifying flavor to bring all the ingredients together. However it is LOADED with calories. The average salad dressing has 145 calories in just 2 tablespoons!!! Are you kidding me!? It is usually loaded with mayonnaise and butter and cream, and it simply not good for you. So what do you do?

I know a lot of people who make their own salad dressings. It's a great avenue if you have the time, know how and desire. I have attempted this a handful of times and I am never satisfied with my dressings. On top of that I am all about convenience. Making your own dressing it at least one more dish (a food processor or blender) and multiple ingredients and measuring tools. It's time consuming and I am not a fan of that route for me personally. Plus they simply don't last long in the fridge, so I usually end up wasting more often than not.

What I have found and fallen in love with are the Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressings. Seriousy I am not getting paid or any kind of kickbacks for this post. I juts love to share the things I love! There are 12 flavors that range from classics (like ranch, garlic and Cesar) to eclectic or unique (like balsamic, mango chipotle, and salsa). Two tablespoons of this dressing has 40 calories (less than half the competition) and it's GOOD. You will see it featured on almost ALL of my salad recipes.

Something else I love about this dressing is it has yogurt as a base instead of mayonnaise or cream. I actually hate yogurt, but I don't taste the yogurt-y taste in this dressing like I do when eating yoplait. And as well as know yogurt has a lot of good probiotics as well as protein, magnesium and other good things often found in milk products. You can usually find them at Walmart and Target but I usually have hte best luck with local grocery chains. I am in Utah so Smiths and Fresh Market. But you can read up more on these dressing options HERE.

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