Thursday, August 17, 2017

REVIEW - Mary Kay Mineral Eye Shadow

Packaging - 5 (very good)
Variety - 4 (very good)
Longevtiy - 2 (not very good)
Wear - 2 (not very good)
Fall Out - 2 (not very good)

Mary Kay eye shadows. It's one of the things Mary Kay sells that I am not a fan of. It is really high end as far as price point but the makeup doesn't hold a candle to other high end brands. If it was $2-4 per color I could see it. But at $8 for .05 ounces, this puts it at a price point competing with Buxom and Anastasia Beverly Hill  (when purchased in a bundle), Makeup Geek and Ofra. But the quality isn't even close to these brands. The packaging is great though. Basically all of the shadows come in a single metal container (as seen in the picture).These containers can be magnetically popped in and out of any Mary Kay compact set. This allows you to customize and interchange your compact day to day. It's great, but not revolutionary since a lot of makeup brands do this. However I do actually like Mary Kay's compact better than other brand specific ones because it is easier to take things in and out of and the compact is super sturdy. The shadows also work with Z Palettes and other common metal palettes. There are a decent amount of colors to choose from. However the quality is on par with Loreal and other drugstore makeup. You have to layer on a lot before you get bright colors, it doesn't stay on all day, there is a ton of fallout during application, it smudges and smears, and the individual cases are fragile. I overall do not recommend this product. 


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