Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Big Changes to the Blog! - my health journey

So I know I am going to get mixed feedback on this but I have decided to start including some health and nutrition items on this blog. I think beauty is about being healthy as much as having your brows on fleek. I want to start by saying I am not healthy, I am trying to be healthy, and I want to share my experiences with different products and recipes here with you guys. This blog will remain mostly makeup and skin care and hair care, but some health stuff will creep in.

I want to kind of introduce you all to my health journey. This is personal so I hope you will be kind if you choose to comment. I have a slow metabolism, so I gain weight easily. I was always kind of a fat kid, but when I got into high school I became more active, and lost some weight. It was the first thing my old friends noticed about me and I liked that, so I began to stop eating at all. I got a lot of attention from boys and from the "popular" crowd as I shed pounds, and I liked that attention.

I decided to change when I fainted at a small summer job I held selling snow cones at college football games. I couldn't see, I couldn't hear, and then I fell. I was only down for a moment or two but I lost my job. I began eating 2 small meals a day (at this point I had moved out of my parents' home and lived on my own while attending school). I worked as a manager at Arby's, which actually provides a lot of fairly healthy choices. Other than this usually a tv dinner a day and then my vice - ice cream. But I didn't have a car and I walked everywhere, so I stayed in shape.

Then I met my amazing husband and so many of my walls came down. My need to control everything diminished, my fear that if I gained weight I would lose my friends went away, and I became more comfortable. Something that made my husband and I work, is that I wasn't initially into him. I always said yes to a first date (everyone deserves at least ONE chance!) but I didn't think I'd be into him. You guys, I was literally wearing mascara from the night before on our first date... it was awful. Because of this I had my guard down and I was very open and candid with him. A lot of the times I try to make a good first impression, and I keep certain information private for a few months, but I laid it all out for him right there, in the park, on our first date (which began at noon as a casual lunch date and turned into a dinner date as well that stretched until 9 pm). He still called me back. I didn't have to be "sophisticated" or "sexy" or "chill", I didn't have to be anything for him, because I was myself, weird seal laugh and all. I wasn't trying to impress him so I wasn't trying, and all that was left was the real me.

My husband is definitely a lover of food. He always says the only thing he loves more than food is me (and I am honored!). For Christmas and Birthdays he is more likely to get food from his friends and family than anything else. So this affected me as my portions became larger and more frequent. And with my fairly inactive lifestyle I gained weight quickly. Since I got married in 2013 I have gained over 50 pounds.

Now I am at a point in my life where a short walk to the town pond has me out of breath. I hate it. I am not enjoying clothing like I used to. I hate the lack of energy I have and I want to be healthier. I want energy, I want to be more attentive, I want to feel comfortable, I want that. So I am doing a few things to change. I used to love going to the gym, but I haven't been in over a year since I moved and added about 20 hours of commuting to my schedule. I have used my 60+ hour work week as an excuse for a long time, and I am ready to make changes now!

Some of the things you can expect to see added on this blog:
-supplement reviews
-drink mix supplement reviews
-healthy recipes
-reviews on equipment and athletic clothing
-advice on how to get back in shape
-updates about what is and isn't working for me

Some of the things I promise will not be added onto this blog:
-advertisements or paid promotions for various fitness equipment
-fad diets
-gimmick products (lose weight overnight pills or skinny wraps)
-devotion to one method or product line (so I won't decide CrossFit is key, or that you have to use the full ItWorks line to stay fit)

I also will continue my promise that if I am compensated with free products to test out or paid advertising that I will always let you (my amazing readers) know that I am partnering with the brand for that post. I also will continue to guarantee that IN MY AGREEMENT to any company that want to supply me with free products or pay me for a review that I do not lie in my reviews and if I am not a fan of any of the products I will not post false reviews saying otherwise. I understand everyone has different tastes and I may love products others hate, but I want to be honest.

With that my first health drink supplement review will be up soon!


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