Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SoChoix First Impresison

The newest beauty box in town crawled across my Facebook feed about a week ago and I was immediately interested. This box is called So Choix. So I did a little research, signed up and got my first box already! If you haven't read this article already you may want to. This one shows what I think about these crazy beauty boxes and what I look for in them, and it compares Beauty Con Box, BoxyCharm, Beauty Box 5, the Allure Box, Birchbox and Ipsy. I Chose Ipsy as my winner because I liked the price point, I like the quality of item in it, the variety, the points system, the customization as well as the value. I feel like if I saw the item I get in my Ipsy at the store bundled together for $10 I would buy it often. I couldn't say the same for the other boxes (even if their value was better, they didn't have items I liked).

What really piqued my interest with this box is that you could CHOOSE your items! That's right! They have hundreds of choices from great brands like Bobbi Brown, Nars, Tom Ford, and others! Not only can you pick the items you want you can pick the SHADE! My biggest complaint with these subscriptions is the amount of stuff I build up that I will never use in a million years because they are not my kind of product, not my shade, etc. This completely eliminates this issue!

So I picked a few different items to try from their selection for my first box! I chose a Tom Ford bronzing liquid primer, Glam Glow Thirsty mud Hydrating Treatment, Clinique Pop Lip Color + primer, Bobbie Brown Intensifying Long Wear Mascara, and a Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush. What a great group of items! I love that I got to choose a blush color I don't own, but want to try and a lip color I am crazy about but I have never tried any Clinique lip products before!

So I got the box. Out of the gate the first thing I noticed is that is came with a little package of applicators. I got a mini blush brush, a q-tip, a disposable lip brush and a disposable mascara wand. I liked it, I mean it's not a lot, nothing amazing, but it's different, it's extra. They got points form me for that. Then I saw that they threw in an extra foil packet with a Dior Eye treatment in it! I love me a freebie! More points.

Unfortunately it went downhill from there. The bronzing primer came in a cheap syringe like lip gloss applicator, the glam glow had half an application in a little plastic jar, the lip color and the blush came in a small silver pan and the mascara came in a tiny glass jar. All of them had cheap white sticker labels on them. I was happy with the two that came in little pans, and the Tom Ford primer does have enough for 5 uses or so. However I couldn't even get the mascara wand fully submerged in the tiny amount of mascara I got, the glam glow masque wasn't enough to cover my face. My biggest problem is the size. You don't get travel sizes,you get baby samples, like use it maybe once or twice sizes. They take full sizes and empty them into small magnetic circle pans and itty bitty test tubes and I am not a fan of that. Not worth it.

I feel like So Choix might be nice if you want to try a bunch of lipstick colors, or if you are looking for a new shade but you don't want to spend a lot. You can effectively try 5 blush or lip shades for $15, which is nice. However you will need a metal palette to put them in (I recommend the Makeup Forever Metal Palette) or the ZPalette is pretty popular. I am otherwise discontinuing my subscription. Especially since some of these samples I can literally get for free at a Sephora. YIKES!

If you want to check out So Choix click here!


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