Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tips to get Texture

Texture is IN, whether your hair is straight, curly, up, it's all about texture right now. So I have a few different tips you can use to get that effortless and easy textured look.

I am going to talk about hot tool tips, including what tools to use, what not to use, and how to use them. I am going to talk about products and how to get this textured look using products, as well as some don'ts for texture lovers.

Do you have hair that won't hold ANY texture, no curls, no backcombing, it is just FLAT? I recommend grabbing a Sam Villa Texture Iron. Now before you say "that is just a crimpper! This isn't the 80's!" I KNOW! I wouldn't recommend something that would have you looking crazy! The magic of this Sam Villa Texture Iron is that it creates a tight but super fine micro-crimp. It is so fine that you can't really see it unless you are up close. So if you use this to add texture to just your roots (I recommend leaving out a thin section right around your part) it will give you a major volume boost, that no one can see! You can also add texture to your whole head to bulk up braids and help updos hold better. When you use the texture iron if you hold it on for longer or clamp it tighter, it will create a deeper crimp than if you tap it or gently close it on the hair. It takes a little trial and error so be patient, it usually clicks after 3-5 tries!

Another hot tool tip is about curling. I recommedn using a

wand or flat iron to create textured beachy looks. Why not a classic curling iron? When you look at beachy waves or textured curls, you will see that the strands are usually barely curled or they are straight on the ends. A classic clamp curling iron doesn't allow for that. So make sure you aren't curling the ends super tight with your flat iron. Here is a great tutorial from Confessions of a Hairstylist for getting great flat iron curls.

There are so many texture products out there. I am going to show you a few of my favorites, why I love them and what they are for. 

My TEXTURE CREAM of choice is Wella EIMI Grip Cream. Creams generally work best on short hair (like pixie cuts). They are also ideal for coarse hair types. The EIMI Grip Cream smells great, holds great, and isn't stiff or sticky. It runs about $19, you can click here to find a salon that carries it near you. The best way to use grip cream it to dip your finger into it and pick up a small amount of product. Pick up a small amount of product using your thumb, middle, and pointer fingers. Rub the product around on those fingers and then pick up the pieces of hair you'd like to see stand out. It will look like you are pinching multiple pieces of your hair quickly. For longer hair I like to put product on both hands and grab those pieces at the ends, it is just a little faster when you are using both hands. Other cream products that are great for texture are Redken Rough Paste and the Kenra Texture Taffy. If you don't want any kind of curl, but still want texture
this is a great technique to get it.

Another Option is TEXTURE POWDER. I am personally in love with the Puff.Me powder from Design.Me Hair. I love this one for ALL the reasons. A little goes a super long way, its effective, it smells nice. And most powders you have to shake onto your hair, while this one has an air pump that your can almost "spray" it on with. I love it! The only other one I recommend it Sexy Hair's Powder Play. I was not a fan of the Oscar Blandi or Redken powders. With all of these hair powders you apply at the root and it adds volume and texture to the hair all over. You can sprinkle some onto the ends as well. This is perfect for ultra fine hair, but if your hair is course, it will not work well. If your hair is super dry it is fine for the roots, but I would steer clear when it comes to using it on your ends.

However my personal product of choice is a Texture Spray I love texture sprays because they work great on medium hair types (like my own) and are perfect for taking curls from flat to big, from formal to fun, and from fallen to beachy fast! My hair type is medium in texture and density so this is my go-to product personally. I do switch between a few but I usually return to the Kenra Dry Texture Spray. The way I use texture sprays is by taking a small section or two around my part and lightly spraying them with the product. After I work the product in I have a result of light texture and effortless volume. If I want to amp it up I will spray the product throughout my hair to create more textured curls and a beachy or windswept look. Texture Spray is also versatile. It can give your hair grip so it stays in braids, buns or updos for longer, which is awesome I love multitasking products! A few others that I adore are the Living Proof Dry Volume Blast, the Aloxxi Texturing Spray, and Redken Windblown Texture Hairspray.


DO be patient with yourself, it takes time to master a new skill!
DON'T give up
DO try different techniques, even if you've mastered the flat iron, try the wand! You may be surprised at how much more you like it, or vice versa!
DON'T use any hot tools without the right heat protectant. Here is a guide on those.
DO invest in high quality products
DON'T buy your salon brand products at Walmart or on Amazon. It's called diversion, read more about it here.
DO use leave in conditioners and oils on the ends of your hair after styling (but only a little)
DON'T curl your hair all the same direction.
DO make sure some go towards your face and other go away

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