Wednesday, January 18, 2017

REVIEW: Silisponge

So I am finally ready to write my review on the Silisponge, this was a tough one for me guys. I had a GREAT first experience with it, and then after I just couldn't replicate that same experience. I wanted to give you a really accurate review and not just a "I used it once and it looks nice" thing. I tried it with high end and low end foundations, I tried it with different layers of coverage. So this is what I found.

Extending Longevity of Foundation - 6 (incredible)
General Blend - 3 (average)
Time Management - 3 (average)
Ease of Use - 2 (not very good)
Value - 5 (excellent)


So here is the deal, the first time I used it I used my Philosophy Miracle Worker Foundation. I was at the every end of my bottle and was basically wiping the pump on the silisponge to get off every last drop that I had left. It worked awesome! I covered my whole face with maybe one pumps worth of this foundation (I usually use two), and it didn't settle into fine lines and wrinkles. I was super impressed. So the next day I used it again but with my Mary Kay CC Cream, and I put one full pump onto the sponge. I dabbed onto different areas of my face and began to blend it in. I felt like it was streaky and just awful. I was not a fan. I ended up using my Beauty Blender to finish blending. HOWEVER - even though I had to use my beauty blender to finish blending it in, I still only used one pump instead of the normal two!

At this point Tuesday had rolled around and I was not ready to review it. I had had one good and one disappointing experience. I spent the rest of the week trying different foundations (including the Urban Decay All-Nighter Foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear, Maybelline Fit Me liquid, Loreal Infallible Pro, and the Exuviance Cover Blend as well as the aforementioned Mary Kay and Philosophy foudnations). SO I am going to go over some of the things I loved, and didn't like about this sponge. After each thing I will put which of the above five factors this particular issue was a part of.

What I Didn't Like:

- There was a big learning curve with it. You wouldn't think so, but there is. You have to figure out what is the right amount of foundation for each type you have. Also patting it on the skin doesn't really create a nice natural look, and wiping can be streaky. You kind of have to swipe at it a little, like a mixture between a dab and a wipe. Does that make sense? Maybe not, which is why there is a learning curve. (Ease of Use)
- The sponge is flat and there is this almost plastic lining on it that I hate! It reminds me of when you get a block of cheese that has been vacuum sealed how there is that rough edge of plastic on the seam of the packaging. It isn't as rough as those, because that is plastic and this is silicone, but it isn't comfortable either, and it can cause streaks, which I don't love. (General Blend)
- It takes a lot longer to use than a classic beauty blender. Because a beauty blender mimics the texture of real skin the product lays on it super nice and flawlessly. This does not have that element so the product sits on it more cakey. Even when you have a rhythm down you often have to go over it with a beauty blender for that final airbrushed look, or you have to pat it in for days! (time management) 
- I feel this deserves it's own spot although it was kind of mentioned in the last point, but I feel this really creates an extra step in the makeup doing process. You apply with a beauty blender and your done. This one you apply with a silisponge and then go over it with the blender. (time management)
- The shape doesn't allow you to really reach all the places you need to, like right under the eyes, and in the corers of your nose. This is in big part due to that annoying plastic lining mentioned earlier. This causes you to have missed spots and it's just annoying. (ease of use & general blend)
- It does foundation, but not much else. Like you can't blend cream blushes or contour with this, let alone apply with it. It is just a streaky mess if you do. A beauty blender can apply and blend these options, as well as blend in powdered blush and contour, where this can not. (Ease of Use)

What I Did Like:

- It wasn't all bad! It is seriously super easy to clean, which I love. My beauty blender takes a couple of minutes to clean, which is why I go way to long in between cleanings. But this takes second to clean and dry. (Time Management)
- It won't wear out as fast... if ever. I mean this is new so we don't know. But for personal use I replace my beauty blender every 2-3 years. This is silicone which is much more durable in general. (Value)
- It saves money! I used half of the foundation I normally do compared to applying with a brush, my fingers or a beauty blender. I am ALL about that! (Value)
- It's only $6! A beauty blender is about $20-25. It's a great deal. (Value)
- EVEN when I had to re-blend it in using my beauty blender I still used half the foundation I normally do! That's awesome! (Value and Extending Longevity of Foundation)

Final Thoughts

I am keeping it! You guys are probably shocked right? I am too, but after using it so much, when I didn't one morning I was annoyed with how much product I had to use. I knew that foundation was being swallowed up by my beauty blender only to be washed down the drain, and when you spend $40+ on foundation you want it to last. While it adds an extra step if I am not focused on really blending my product in with it, then it doesn't take to long. I apply my foundation to the silisponge, I pop drops of it to various areas on my face. I basically wipe it around to distribute it using the silisponge, and then I wait like a minute with it all unblended there. Then I use my beauty blender to tap it in really quicky, and we are done! Those patches where I couldn't seem to get the silisponge to fit, I use the excess to get in there with my beauty blender. I have used less foundation and still got a great finish. That extra two minutes is worth it to me. If you think about an Urban Decay foundation ($40) if I only use half as much that means I am saving so much money! I go through one bottle of foundation every 6 weeks with Urban Decay, so that means now it will be every 12, which saves me over $170 a year! I have also been loving it for my moisturizer too! I am cheapskate and this is a money saving product! That is why the Extending Longevity of Foundation got a 6, which pulled it's overall rating up to a 4 out of 5! Because that fact alone means it is staying in my drawer.  


  1. I can't agree with you more. I feel the same about this Silisponge. So, it was not only me huh.. I am keeping it just to apply foundation; then,let the products absorb first before patting it with beauty blender. 2 things that I really do not like from it, the thin plastic around & it's flat.. quite hard to use it steadily.

    Gracia Cita

    1. Thank you for commenting Gracia and for reading my blog! Let me know if you have any other beauty-related questions you'd like me to answer, or products for me to review!

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