Monday, October 10, 2016

The One "no makeup" look I don't love...

I go makeup free at least one day a week. On this day I usually wax my 'stache, do a deep exfoliation treatment, then I throw on a moisture mask, and I let my skin breath all day long. I am loving the celebs who are going makeup free (even if it is just for one Instagram post). 

Alicia Keys has had people kneeling at her feet when she dawned a red carpet completely bare faced (although other articles have said that she was wearing a brow product), and then continued to be seen on the television compensation series The Voice as a judge/coach with no makeup in sight. For die hard Alicia Keys fans this was an interesting thing. In one way it was unexpected, because keys is a long time wearer of high shine gloss and smokey eyes. But at the same time her laid back personalty and simplistic vibe makes this feel like the obvious thing for her to do.

While celebs have popped up on snap chat and Instagram bare faced multiple times in the last few years, going to an event with no makeup has not been a thing. Even Sia, (who is infamous for wearing massive wigs that cover her face entirely to events) has not been spotted dawning the red carpet without any lipstick. So then we had someone else take note of the positive feedback Miss Keys was getting and go to a celebrity event and posts saying she was there bare faced. That's right folks, I am talking about Kim K.

I actually LIKE the Kardashians. You don't have to agree with me, but I think they get a lot of hate and judgement for doing things other people do all the time, just because they are famous. And while the way they got there may have been unsavory, now they own businesses, promote products, have apps, run makeup lines, have written books, modeled, and more. I love the way several of the Kardashian's (Khloe K and Kendall Jenner are my personal faves) are unapologetically themselves. I suppose you'd have to learn to be that way when your every move is heavily scrutinized.

So why then am I bringing this up? because Kim Kardashian posted this gem of an instagram picture:

The caption (in case you can't read it) is "Balenciaga. No make up today."

The reason I hate this so much is that she IS wearing makeup. I have watched the Kardashian's early in their series. She is shown on that show season 1 and 2 with no makeup on several times. In this picture (on the left) you can see a shot of one of those times, however even in this picture she has on gloss. So I guess "no make up today" means a nude shimmery shadow, brows filled in, a few lash extensions, a nude lip, foundation/concealer, and only a little highlight, instead of the strobing you usually see.

I am not buying it! I am not! Women have a lot of self confidence issues, and what is nice about seeing celebs go bare faced, is that you can think to yourself "hey, the flawless Katy Perry has some dark spots too"! It is to show women that their natural beauty is enough and that they are not alone. But this is false advertising. It make girls feel insecure and is a little insulting that we are supposed to buy this. Why do you think?

Friday, October 7, 2016

Highlighter Guide

Sorry I have been MIA recently. I have had a crazy week at work, but I am so excited to be back with at least one post per week! Today's topic of conversation, highlighters. And obviously I am not taking about neon yellow markers you get at Office Max. I am talking about the shimmery awesome that you swipe across your cheek bones to reflect light. Today I am going to talk about some of my favorite highlighters, as well as the different kinds of highlighters.

These are definitely the most popular. Becca is considered the authority on all things highlighter, and I do love theirs, but it is a little to expensive for me. If you want to invest in the best of the best the Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed (pictured on the right) is the way to go. Ringing in at $38 it is an investment, but it is also silky awesomeness. I love the shade Moonstone. You apply these powders like you do all other powders with a brush. I love this Japonesque Contour and Highlighting Brush ($19), which you can buy at Ulta. As far as a more affordable highlighter, I love the ones in the Lorac Pro Contour Palette (1 shimmer and 2 matte highlighters, Plus three contour shades and a brush for $45), or the source Lorac Iight Source Illuminating Highlighters ($22) If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, I do love the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette (which has 10 super pretty eye shadows and 4 stunning highlighters) for $14.50, or a fan favorite is Colour Pop's highlighters ringing in at $8 each.

Once again Becca is incredible, but pricey. You can find their cream highlighter the Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Crème ($38) by clicking the name of the product. Creams in general are really a cream to powder. They are usually in a compact and are put on using a blending sponge (like the infamous Beauty Blender $20), or a compact liquid makeup brush like the Coastal Scents Elite Foundation Brush ($12.95). I do have a cream blush palette, It is to die for! I love the Pur Minerals Moonlight Glow Strobe and Highlight Palette ($34) which comes with 3 creamy amazing shades and is pictured on the left! If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative I recommend the Makeup Revolution HD Pro Cream Contour Palette ($18) which comes with 4 highlight and 4 contour shades.

So for liquid highlighters I actually haven't found anything I love as much as Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfecter Liquid ($41). However you can find travel sized versions of this product at Ulta and Sephora if you want to try it before you invest a ton. I also love and use the Temptu S/B Highlighter Makeup (pictured on the right, $10). The only one I like that is a cheaper brand is the NYX Born to Glow Illuminating Primer ($14), which is a primer, but I like to use it over my makeup too. It has a similar effect to the Becca, but it's less bold. Just like the cream you can use a compact liquid foundation brush, or you can use a sponge to apply, or your fingers! I do not recommend using your fingers for cream highlighters, but for liquid you can easily tap it in using your fingers.

Another option (which I do and love) is I will often use a shimmering body powder, a shimmery loose pigment mineral eye shadow, or even a shimmer pressed eye shadow. I take a little of it on my makeup brush and I mix it in with a moisturizer. It creates a DIY liquid highlighter that you 100% control the shade and density of the shimmer. Plus it is hydrating and set into the skin a little better. I often use Mica Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow pigments or even Bare Minerals Eye Shadows!