Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kylie Lip Kit vs. Colour Pop Liquid Lipstick

A few weeks ago I got an email about what my opinion is on the accusations about Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit being the same as Colour Pop's and NYX Lip Lingerie. You can see my full post here. Basically to sum it up I feel like the main ingredients for any quality liquid lipstick is shared by both products, but that the large amount of ingredients found in the Colour Pop formula that are absent in the Lip Kit are cheap fillers that would make a big difference. But I had not yet tried a Colour Pop Liquid Lippy for myself. I had tried the NYX version and I KNOW that the formulas and textures are vastly different, however the Colour Pop formula I didn't know much about first hand. I have now tried it and I am ready to give you all my opinion!

So first things first, I was surprised by the comparison between the Kylie Lip Kit and the NYX Lip Lingerie, because while I fancy both, I feel that the NYX is more creamy in texture and a thicker overall formula like most liquid lipsticks, and the Kylie Lip Kit was more watery in a way that I hadn't seen before. However after trying the Colour Pop version I learned that it is WAY more similar to Kylie's in texture than most. They both have a very similar texture and feel when you put them on. Both feather like MAD, however the Lip Kit comes with a liner, and you can buy a matching one in Colour Pop, but that costs $5 more. And while that is still a lot less than a Lip Kit it isn't a fair comparison to say it's $6 vs $29. It is more like $11 vs $29.

As far as pigmentation they are equally impressive. While the formula is very thin it is highly pigmented so you get a high color pay off and have to use little product. Both also dry quickly and neither felt sticky on my lips, however the Colour Pop lip liners did not match the color as perfectly as the Lip Kit.

However for me the most important part of any lip product is wear. How often will I have to re-apply this stuff? If I accidentally leave the tube at home am I doomed? Well this is where the big line is drawn between these two products. The Colour Pop shades were weird, because they were super hard to get off, but they also smeared and transferred A TON. My husband calls my Colour Pop Lippies "Colour Stop" because he won't let me kiss him when I wear them and requested I don't buy any more of that brand. Even after hours of wear this product still transfers which also mean SMEARING! UGH! However the Kylie Lip Kit is not only easy to take off on my own when I am done wearing it (there is a little resistance but it comes off fairly easily) it also stays A LOT longer. I have yet to be able to eat and have it %100 in tact after a meal, but otherwise it looks amazing and is smudge proof.

So is the $18 price difference enough to be longer lasting and smudge proof? It is for me, but that's for you to decide. Either way I think between this post and my last, I have made my point.

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